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  1. Velossa Tech Design Big Mouth for 2019+ Ranger

    Mine is in there, black with red mouth
  2. Ford Leveling Kit

    Mine goes in on Thursday next week. Can't wait!
  3. MBRP EcoSleeper for the 2019 Ranger

    Sound a bit like my RS with that exhaust on it. I had a MBRP exhaust on a 2001 Focus and got lots of complements about its sound. Years later MBRP got a bad rap for having rusty systems but from the comments here, they seemed to have turned it around.
  4. Black Appearance Package ("Black Pack") Thread

    Thanks for the info. I have been going back and forth, drop down to 17 or see what I can fit with the OEM 18
  5. Black Appearance Package ("Black Pack") Thread

    Level kit? If so what one. I would like to keep my OEM wheels, am installing the Ford Performance Leveling kit. Don't want to cut crash bars. Don't know if 275/65/18 would clear.
  6. Mountune High Performance Front Mount Intercooler

    Hopefully they improved. I gave up a year ago. Purchased an exhaust for my RS and three months later, no word on its delivery. Called and got an oh yeah, they are back ordered and we won't have them until the new year. They billed me, took my money and couldn't bother to communicate about...
  7. Mountune High Performance Front Mount Intercooler

    Great company, great products, lousy customer service
  8. Ranger Gets Ford Performance Parts Leveling Kits with Coil-overs & Fox Shocks

    Use your Ford points toward the install.
  9. FORScan Modifications

    Lessons learned... Blue is normal for temp display, doesn't matter hot or cold temperature setting will read in blue. I didn't mess anything up in the end, was in a panic because my other FoMoCo cars do display red when adjusting for heat. I have the build as data from the Ford site and had...
  10. Done Gone and F'd Up

    I was able to make the changes I wanted using the quick change method where you can chose for example deactivate start stop. I can’t figure out what I did that I have no heat. Unless somebody knows where to look I am going to have to go through line by line
  11. Done Gone and F'd Up

    I don't know what I did but months ago I tried out Forscan for the first time, started simple and tried to turn on Bambi mode and wasn't successful. I thought, no harm done, I'll put this down before I F something up... Fast forward to three months later and I needed heat for the first time. I...
  12. FORScan Modifications

    If there is anyone in the Syracuse area that knows how to use forscan, I don't know what I've done but my misadventures seemed to have turned off the heat. Needed heat for the first time and when I bumped it up it stayed blue (AC) and no heat would come on. I only attempted to adjust the...
  13. Does Upstate, NY count?

    Brotherly Love!
  14. FORScan Modifications

    Anyone a guru here that can walk a noob through some simple changes for example, Bambi mode? I tried and failed but think with someone talking me through it I would be ok after completing a change. I attempted the change for Bambi mode, hit write, and it did not take effect.
  15. Does Upstate, NY count?

    How about CNY Central New York?
  16. Ford Ranger Performance Power Pack

    Mine is on the way. Pleasantly surprised with the quick delivery and suspect I went up on the wait list because some people grew impatient and canceled.