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  1. Bye Bye Wiper De-Icer

    I used to ski at Sunapee.........back in the day.
  2. Bye Bye Wiper De-Icer

  3. Ranger Tailgate Lettering

    What color are the letters? Great decal...
  4. Dealer Denial Redeeming Ford Points

    Maybe you can have the part shipped directly to you?
  5. Slamming my doors!

    The wife starts with the Ranger doors...then the cabinet doors...the faucet...on and on! I've told break fix it!
  6. Rear camera Recall Notice

    I still can't hit the white lines. I always drive forward to park...forward to exit. Stay safe, my friends...stay safe.
  7. Simple question......lug nuts

    Thanks very much. Appreciate the help.
  8. Simple question......lug nuts

    Hey Phil, Where did you find those special sockets? I'm about to rotate the tires and don't want to mess anything up. Appreciate the insight.
  9. Bilstein 5100 Adjustable Leveling Shock Kit

    Which is better for easy off road driving...Eibach or Bilstein?
  10. Missing tie downs

    I have a 2019 with 4 tie downs. I recently installed the missing 2 with the Ford Pass points. It cost 100 bucks worth of points for 2 tie downs and 4 bolts. The dealer would not supply because of a brochure...I tried.
  11. exhaust question

    I'm hardly an expert, to answer your question...if you open that means more air and more noise. The only thing you will have to accept is (if you decide to change those pipes) how that noise sounds. I don't like the noise that drowns out the radio or conversation or shakes...
  12. Anyone else getting a lot of paint chips on their ranger?

    I'm waiting on a bug deflector from Ford Points. Did you guys use the bumper stops that were included? I was afraid they would damage the paint.
  13. Got it last night!!!

    Eibach or Bilstein? Did the change and lower the back end?
  14. Atlanta Area

    That's a crazy back yard/driveway....
  15. Atlanta Area

    Very nice.....
  16. North Carolina

    Ran down the street...Charlotte. Enjoy that truck.
  17. Stripped Thread in Tie Down Bolt Hole

    Got 'er done..... Very easy with the right solution and tool. Bolts set and tie downs tight. I saw stuff come out of the bolt set with using the tap...never saw it till I worked the tap through the bolt set. I did buy the kit with the handle and a lot of taps and dies....never can tell...
  18. Stripped Thread in Tie Down Bolt Hole

    First thing this morning....