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  1. CO pickup - Stock leaf springs + weather tech mats

    As post states I have stock leaf springs and a set of crew cab weathertech floor mats. Come get them and they're yours!
  2. Sold Ranger - X posting for takeoff parts in CO
  3. Colorado Sold: Shrockworks Rock Sliders Crew Cab

    Selling my Shrockworks sliders. They have the plate on top so there's at least a little bit of a step. In good condition with only some minor scrapes and surface rust on the underside. Asking $950 (they're a collector's item! since shrockworks is out of business) All hardware included.
  4. Colorado Sold: Tom Woods One piece driveshaft

    One piece drive shaft. Easily the best upgrade besides a tune for the Ranger. Comes with hardware and has 0 damage: $650 OBO
  5. Colorado Sold: Quick disconnect sway bar links

    Used for only a few hundred miles. Makes going off-road so much nicer and they're quick and easy to use! $200 OBO
  6. Colorado Misc items (Console tray, Stubby antenna, FORSCAN cable)

    Make me an offer. People willing to take all preferred 👍
  7. Colorado $100 - BDX/Unleashed Tuner

    Livernois tuner with all cables (will need to be unlocked / matched to your vehicle): $100 + shipping Unleashed BDX tuner w/ all cables (will need to pay to have it transferred to your vehicle w/tunes. It will only come with the BDX canned tune): $100 + shipping
  8. Well, I did a thing...

    I realized that as much as I love the Ranger, it's never going to be or do what I really love which is crawling over rocks with ease and efficiency and getting to places very few people can get to (without hiking of course). I also struggled with the transmission-stock, multiple tunes, etc. No...
  9. Supreme dumba$$

    Had a fun weekend, thought I'd share here. Was time to change the oil in the wife's car so I get out all the crap, pop the hood, loosen the drain plug, position the jug(this is important later: this is a container that doubles as a drip pan and oil jug all in one), and then slowly start turning...
  10. Colorado Sold: (set of 5) 2021 Bronco Badlands 17" wheels

    Just picked these up. They have less than 3,000 miles on them and look pristine. $500 (originally 750) Price includes: - 5 wheels 17x8 OEM Bronco Badlands +55mm with the same bolt pattern and hub bore as the Ranger (no tires or TPMS). - Ford matching lug nuts (27 total) - Bronco horse center...
  11. Ranger vs Raptor

    2nd or 3rd gen Raptor vs whats in my sig. From a rolling start at about 15mph. Dead even up to 75mph. As surprised as I was, the guy in the Raptor was very confused. Controlled environment. Some feelings were hurt in the making of this post.
  12. Honestly was afraid this might be the case

    Driveshaft issues again?
  13. Ford Ranger Plant Upgraded To Accommodate Next Gen Production

    It's coming...
  14. Colorado Trail Run

    Doing Hancock Pass, Cumberland Pass, and Tincup Pass in a giant loop Sunday, July 17 @ 8am (ish). Come out and enjoy a beautiful area! Stock FX4 can do it without issue, possibly stock 4x4. Post a reply or PM me if you'd like to join!
  15. Pulsing 3rd brake light module + TBC

    Installing my Ford factory TBC and tucked behind the 3rd brake light is this T-tapped module which appears to be something that pulses the 3rd brake light. Any idea if that's going to impact my TBC at all or if that also might be what's giving a code in my BCM module?
  16. First road trip woes

    First road trip with the 2021: - Traction in the snow has been fantastic - The passenger door handle won't unlock the door when it's cold/snowy (Lariat) - Adaptive cruise shut off saying the sensor was blocked. Nothin there... - Parked to get gas and the rear brakes smell like they're getting...
  17. Sunglass holder sticks

    What are the chances the dealer has the parts to fix these: - Sunglass holder sticks when opening - Parking brake doesn't go down all the way/ pops back up
  18. Almost rear-ended a Tacoma yesterday

    Had my adaptive cruise set at 60 in a 55 and 3 bars on the distance sensor. It didn't stop... The truck just kept accelerating up on the Tacoma that was doing 55. Hit the brakes, turned CC off then back on, got some distance and tried again, same thing. I checked the sensor when I got home and...
  19. How much side-to-side tilt?

    Curious how many degrees of side tippiness people have recorded on their rigs when off-road. I think the max I've seen was about 9-10° when parked sideways on a steep hill. I know every vehicle will have different limits and no circumstance exactly the same, but trying to find out what the...
  20. Colorado Sold: WTS 17" Sport wheels with Hankooks + spare/no TPMS

    All taken off the truck at 700 miles new. No TPMS. 4 magnetic wheels + 1 black spare. 5 Hankooks 265/65/r17 No rash at all, no patches, etc. Basically brand new. Asking $850 OBO. Can meet halfway in Colorado. Don't want to ship.