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  1. Horsepower

    So....does 1 horse = 1 horsepower? Watch this and find out how much horsepower a horse can produce.
  2. Self-Driving Cars Cause a Massive Traffic Jam

    Goes to show that the self driving car needs AI so it can make a decision.
  3. Jeep Comanche
  4. 2023 Ford GT
  5. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

    Oh yeah!! BIG Transformer fan!! Can't wait to see it!!
  6. Morimoto 3rd brake light.

    Newly introduced. Available Late January-early February.
  7. Diode Dynamics headlights

    Well, is about time they started doing headlights. I wonder if they will have one for the 2019+ Ranger? Now, hurry up and do taillights for the Ranger as well.
  8. Ranger Super Duty

    I rather have the real thing.
  9. 2024 Ford Mustang

    Look for the debut at the Detroit Auto Show.
  10. Dodge has a Lightning..........

    .......strike, that is. ?
  11. Bronco 6X6

    WOW!! More pictures below
  12. Texas storms. March 21, 2022

    A tornado was captured on video in Elgin Texas yesterday. Look what it did to this pickup.
  13. Cheap gas lawsuit

    Seriously? These stations was giving gas away for free. How come they are not getting sued?
  14. F-150 pulls off Honda bumper.

    or is it "Honda gets to close to F-150 then backs away ripping out its bumper."
  15. 2022 Sony Z9K MiniLED Master Series

    Well, it's that time of year. CES Sony has unveiled the Z9K This has MiniLED. A technology I've been waiting for years to happen. I have the Z9D. Time to upgrade!!
  16. Ford Bronco Soft Top Lets in a Ton of Snow
  17. Sync®3 map update available on September 1st.

    Go here ----> It will say..... The latest Sync®3 map will be available on September 1st.
  18. DD SS3 LED MAX and Dual-Pod Bracket

    Doubled up my SS3s with the Dual Pod Bracket. Not only that, I have 4, yes FOUR pairs of SS3 MAX LEDs!! :p Those are in the Dual brackets. The ones below the bumper are PROs