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  1. Tito Update

    Hi Folks, Just to update our Tortoise, Tito's status... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! He went into brumation in mid October and our cleaning lady/Friend could not find him...In our haste to get from Flagstaff to home to our Michigan Condo where our daughter lives, we took the outside pillows and piled them...
  2. Just Checking In,

    Hi Folks, Just checking in....I have been through an exhaustive battery of tests...Blood draws, Full skeleton X Rays and so on... We just got the news do day from the Hematologist that I am cancer free even though the indicators say it was clear I have Multiple Myeloma. The complicating...
  3. There comes a time when you have to shoot the Engineer and start Production

    Hi Folks, It is time...I contribute little to these forums of late and as such my run of reading every post and offering my experiences is on the wane it is with sad heart that I am stepping back from the 5G forums. Moderators can pass on to me but my contributions daily are done. I am on a...
  4. Back in the Day

    My wife, Margie was a Stewardess back in the 60's when you had to be thin, beautiful and single... pix is not of her but her counterparts... Best, Phil
  5. True Heros....

    This picture is of tree trimmers that were here in the RV park trimming trees for three days. Why are this crew of 12 members heros??? Well, they are smoke jumpers that fight forest fires and in the off time they earn their keep trimming trees. When I found this out, I went out of my RV and...
  6. Hmmm...Where did I get this???

    Found this today....Do not recall when or why I got this button.... Best, Phil
  7. And There I was at the Charging Station

    What the heck happened here???
  8. Slipped Through Ford's Fingers

    Hi Folks, I found this old photo of what was going to be the next Magic Mustang success and Lee Iacocca next idea....a minivan. Henry Ford II did not like it or Lee Iaccoca and fired him. I saw this vehicle in the Truck Operations Executive Garage one day in the Mid 1970's A two tone...
  9. Another Tremor

    Built in 1982 in England... Here is a 2003 Ranger Tremor that I did starting in 2001 development as a 2002 model Ranger. A Boom Box version... Build at Edison Assy Plant as an off line assembly except for the Radio/Head unit which was installed on the body trim line.. Since the head unit...
  10. Monday the 20th of February

    Happy George Birthington's Wash Day! best, Phil
  11. Another old Find.

    Hi Folks, Uncovered this in my search for a file in one of my Ford Boxes in storage Ford sticky notes pad... Best, Phil
  12. Equifax Settlement

    Hi Folks, A Looooong time ago I submitted my costs for having to change passwords etc thanks to Equifax Data Breach. Yesterday's mail arrived and I got a check from the Settlement fund for $198. Unfortunately the Ranger knew about this as I used it to pick up the mail from the UPS store and it...
  13. Damage

    Watch to the end.... best, Phil
  14. My First Motorhome

    Best, Phil
  15. Quick Lane Oil Change.....Not

    Hi Folks, Well....what a joke...Quick Lane... I guess 4 hours is quick to our local dealer. I had to schedule a month out to get an oil change. I cringed as I do my own work, but this great (otherwise) extended warranty requires a "professional" business changes the oil. CRAP! So I...