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  1. Tracking Catch Can contents

    I did a search on whether or not anyone had tracked the contents of their catch can over time but came up empty. I was cleaning up the garage today and found this so thought it may be of some interest. I started this at 15k miles and had put this amount in the bottle after 5k miles when I sold...
  2. 2020 Lariat for sale

    Looks like they will make a few bucks ...
  3. Hate to go but.........

    This forum has been great and I'll even miss the damper haters a wee bit , but after 1020 days of waiting I FINALLY picked her up ! Yes my Bronco identifies as a gorgeous woman and I will be rubbing and petting on her for years to come ;) Had to say goodbye to the Ranger today as they made me...
  4. Off-road Jack

    I've been needing a good floor jack for awhile now so when I saw a Harbor Freight store on the way home today I picked up a couple items. My prior F-150 FX4 , the new Ranger FX4 and with the Bronco coming in , I really needed something other than my old AC Delco floor jack to lift the tall stuff...
  5. The Danger Ranger 9000

    Looks like fun . Who here will enter a 5G ranger ?
  6. Someone is not getting their Ranger......

    ...and probably a few Broncos :oops: Train derails in Glendale, Kentucky (
  7. Wait until we go full EV

    "Sorry but we must ask you not to charge your vehicle this weekend due to high demand."
  8. Almost reserved a Rivian

    Glad I didn't . Rivian Falls Apart (
  9. Sylacauga Alabama Rangers

    I've only seen 3 other Rangers in town since I purchased mine last year . One was Silver , a Cactus Gray and today another Rapid Red . I parked close by at the Home Depot and just missed the owner driving away when I was coming back out . We even had the exact same grill ,lol .
  10. Does this make my Ranger look small ?

    I finally received my invitation to order a Lightning so went to test drive one today . A 1st 2 minute reservation and they just now let me order one . Oh wait , no they didn't ! The Pro is sold out for 2023 and you can't place an order for an XLT because they will evaluate supply issues...
  11. Software update speed limiter

    I wonder if they will be able to just push this through a software update in the future .
  12. Things could be worse at M.A.P.
  13. Need mount for Front bumper

    Started to post this in what came in the mail today for the Ranger but I need a front bumper mount first . Lead , Follow or get the hell outta the way ,LOL.
  14. Damper impaired

    AZScorpion , give these guys at Edison a call !
  15. Show your (1st) old Rangers

    I searched but did not see anything similar . How many of us had older Gen Rangers in the past ? My 1st Ranger was a new 1990 that I used as a show truck . It went thru several design stages , LOL . My 2nd was a 1991 that I used as a work truck and to haul my mower etc . I never took any pics...
  16. Need a left side CV axle

    Well I've had bad luck since getting the 2020 a few weeks ago . Leveled her out then went to get alignment and the rear bumper was damaged . Parts on backorder for that so just in a holding pattern to get repaired . Today the drivers side CV started clicking and is leaking grease badly . Have...