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  1. Transmission Slipped Today

    Sounds low on fluid.
  2. Remove tune before oil change

    Exactly why I went with the Ford tune.
  3. Report your MPG

    Ok. The Ford Performance Pack tune. By run better I mean a lot more grunt in the low to mid range and the transmission doesn’t hunt around or lug as much.
  4. Report your MPG

    After over 1200 miles with my Ford tune the mileage has increased from 21.6 to 22.7 mixed driving. It just plain runs better.
  5. Shudder at Speed/Infotainment Dead

    If the misfire is still there I would take it in now Or try Heet for a 20 or 30 miles. If it’s going to work you should know by then.
  6. Shudder at Speed/Infotainment Dead

    Heet is ok just don’t get carried away. I would probably try to run that tank out as long as the Check light is not on. Then try new fuel. If the light comes on take it in.
  7. Shudder at Speed/Infotainment Dead

    Could be bad fuel, could be a bad coil, could be a lot of things. Did you fill up anywhere that was iffy? is the check engine light back on.
  8. BakFlip MX4 tonneau cover for 2020 Ford Ranger

    The top of the inside of the clamp.
  9. BakFlip MX4 tonneau cover for 2020 Ford Ranger

    I had to grind off about 1/16” of the clamps to make it work. Then it was perfect.
  10. Ford Leveling Kit

    Do a search. You will find lots of information on here.
  11. Map Update Troubleshooting - Loss of Nav VR

    Glad it worked. Yes it does take longer than you would think and the messages flashing on the screen are confusing.
  12. FordPass and iOS14

    Same for me. I’m out. They’ve had long enough.
  13. Driveshaft Phasing

    Now that is interesting. I don’t have an issue but its a great experiment.
  14. Sway Bar Nut

    Offset boxend.
  15. Sway Bar Nut

    You should be using a proper boxend wrench.
  16. Sway Bar Nut

    Hold the hex unscrew the nut.
  17. Ford Performance 4WD Leveling Suspension Kit

    If you look at the rocker panel it looks like it still has some rake which I like. Either way, looks great. How do you like the feel in the front?
  18. Ecoboost oil recommendation?

    Luckily the Mobil 1 Annual Protection I’ve been using already meets the GF 6 specification.