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  1. The Ranger always grabs the #1 spot

    I really like the ranger but I feel like it hardly gets any support from Ford. I get the impression that, if they invested too much into the ranger, it would steal sales away from the f150. Also, Ford is much more eager to supply customers with a maverick or one of the broncos. The ranger...
  2. Anyone thinking of selling their Ranger?

    Not interested in selling my ranger. It hasn't disappointed me yet with anything I've thrown at it. The only things I'd consider trading it for might be an F150 tremor or a Ram rebel... or possibly an AT4 canyon. Replacing the ranger with any of those vehicles would be costly... so, for now, I...
  3. Azure Gray Club

    It reminds me a little of the area 51 blue... which looks great on the bronco. Not sure how it would look on the ranger. Very interested in seeing this one in person.
  4. Why did you pick Ranger

    I "needed" a truck (mostly wanted) as I had been making things work with a compact suv w/ a hitch for way too many years. I decided I couldn't afford a full size truck. Plus, I wanted it to fit in my garage. So, I thought the midsized was a good size for me. I looked at all the competition...
  5. Tailgate Damper……cons?

    I bought a damper when I first got my truck. I read a lot of reviews and carefully considered the competition (Tacoma, colorado etc.) but ultimately decided on the ranger. The tailgate damper was my 1st aftermarket purchase. It was cheap and easy to instal. It's funny now that I think of it...
  6. Getting a brake controller installed

    I did not know that. Yes, I do have the factory tow package. So, if I order through the accessories site, pick my location/date, and pay in advance, can a dealership refuse to honor the purchase for some reason?
  7. Getting a brake controller installed

    Well, I reached out to my local Ford dealership. They quoted me $600 for labor (parts not included). It'll be over $900 total... seems like a lot for a brake controller. It is what it is, I guess. Unless I do it myself.
  8. Getting a brake controller installed

    Thanks. I like the look and placement of the 2nd photo. I think you've talked me into getting it hard wired. Good to know the emergency lights also activate tbc.
  9. Getting a brake controller installed

    Hello everyone, This is my 1st time posting on this site but I have had my 2021 ranger xlt (sport) for about a year and a half now. I am fairly new to towing and have mainly used the ranger for towing a light duty utility trailer (GVWR 3000lbs). I use it for a variety of reasons and use it...