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  1. Replacement right side AC vent

    I purchased a cell phone holder that utilizes the AC vent and destroyed the vent tabs to the immediate right of the screen (vent on the left of this piece). What a piece of crap cell phone holder, anyway, do I really have to purchase this whole thing? I can't find much info on it, so I...
  2. Blackstone lab report received today

    My report from Blackstone said the following: "Jeff, the sample from your Ranger's 2.3L Ecoboost is contaminated with gasoline. Some gas contamination can be the norm, but we're not sure this much of it's ok. The 325 degree flashpoint suggests about 3% of this sample is fuel, and the fuel...
  3. Ecoboost carbon buildup

    I know this has been discussed on here, but the below video is great at explaining the long term issues of carbon buildup on our engines. I know there are other videos with Fordtechmakuloco talking about this same subject matter, but I haven't saw this one and basically, you can't argue with...
  4. Robbery

    The price of these on Ebay are $94.95. What in the hell is wrong with these retailers/people? Ammo, guns, parts, food, clothes...they are robbing us and this COVID excuse is a scam as far as I am concerned. $94 bucks for this? Totally outrageous...Covid my ass
  5. Poor Factory Quality Control

    WTH.. I noticed my front isn’t evenly gapped from a photo of my putco grille I posted on here. This scares me about what I can’t see. Come on man, it’s American made in Detroit. Manufactured 04/2021 (last month).