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  1. Too old to change oil ?

    I am 86 and earlier this year I had someone else change the oil in the Ranger for the first time. I also had my Jaguar oil changed this week by someone else. The Chevy Volt is next. It is just getting too hard to get up once I am down. Still sailing.
  2. Gas Mileage Test

    Towing my little boat, which weighs about 2,200 with a trailer, I average around 20 mpg. Towing my tiny boat, which weighs about 800 pounds with a trailer, I average about 24 mpg. This is on a 150-mile run using freeways and back roads. I stay at the speed limit which is 55 mph towing.
  3. Dead after. Period of non-operation

    When I don't use my truck for a while I get a message that says something like "system shut off to preserve battery" The battery is almost 4 years old.
  4. How many people had to take it back for warranty repairs?

    Not counting the recall for the taillight, I had the vibrating speedometer needle problem. It went away on its own. Now that my three years are up I am waiting for it to come back.
  5. To warm-up or not to warm-up...

    I always start and go. I don't turn the heater on until the temp gauge is moving. I always felt the quicker you warm the engine the better. Of course, where I live 40 degrees Fahrenheit is considered cold. However, I did the same thing when I lived on the East coast.
  6. New Ranger, Poor Mileage so far...

    On a recent trip to LA, about 300 miles I averaged according to Ford 28 mpg. Driving around home I average 20 to 24 MPG. Pulling my small boat I average around 20 MPG. Pulling my tiny boat I do not notice any difference. The tiny bot weighs 600 pounds, the small boat weighs 2000 pounds. When I...
  7. Cost to fix all of this???

    I replaced one of my tail lights for around $250 from Ford. All needed was the lens which I couldn't buy.
  8. Vibrating speedometer needle with engine off

    I decided the next time I took the truck to the dealer I was going to insist they fix the speedo needle. The truck stopped doing it around 2 months ago. My warranty runs out in November. Hopefully, if it comes back it will be before then.
  9. Vibrating speedometer needle with engine off

    Since new my Ranger will on occasion start vibrating the speedometer needle when you open the door. I pointed it to the service rep when I took the truck in for it's first service. He suggested letting it go awhile to see what happens. That was two years ago. It still is doing it. In fact once...
  10. Vibrating speedometer needle

    My truck turned two years old this November. It only has 9000 miles on iit. I use it primarialy to toe my sailboats. I still have the vibrating speedometer needle. When I brought it up with the dealer, two years ago, they said to watch it for awhile. I have done that for two years and the only...
  11. The Fast Lane Truck: I Drove a Lifted Ford Ranger Over 1,500 MILES with a Trailer, and You Won't Believe the MPG!

    I towed my 2500 pound sailboat 300 miles round trip. I didn't exceed the speed limit which is 55 for vehicles towing. My overall gas mileage for the round trip was 20 mpg. That was calculated by Ford, I suspect if I did it with pencil and paper it would have been a little less. I was impressed...
  12. Does your spouse influence your mods?

    Many years ago I came home with a brand new Fiat X19 that I bought with out any input from my wife. I still have the scars and I never did that again. I was looking at old Rangers, and she talked me into a new one. I am glad she did I really like my truck. We are coming up on our 63rd year of...
  13. Who has the 4X2 Rangers

    For the little I have used 4 wheel drive in the past I wanted a 4x2. My major requirement was to have a smaller cab so I could have a longer bed. My last pickup was Nissan crew cab 4x4. I drove it for 16 years and the only thing I would have changed on it was the crew cab, to get the longer bed.
  14. Vibrating speedometer needle

    If I open either door on my Ranger when the engine off the speedometer needle will vibrate between 0 and 5 miles per hour. You can actually hear it. The vibration lasts for about 5 seconds and stops. The problem is intermittent. I had the truck infor service yesterday. The needle vibrated when I...
  15. Placement of E-ZPass Transponder

    Thanks Phil, that was taken off the California Coast near Moss Landing.
  16. Placement of E-ZPass Transponder

    I leave mine in that little tray on top of the dash. Never had a problem with it.
  17. Issues with Easy-Fuel filler in California

    I have that problem at certain stations. There is a Costco I go to that I have never had the nozzle stay in the filler. Other Costco's with the same nozzle give me no problem. Go figure.