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  1. Good Sun cover

  2. Good Sun cover

    See: geoengineeringDOTorg for what you're missing.
  3. Dead after. Period of non-operation

    Yes, they did, thankfully.
  4. Good Sun cover

    Cover is pretty easy to put on provided there's no wind.. hardest part is getting the antenna through the eye in the cover.
  5. Good Sun cover

    I got the solar X UV cover. I just use it on weekends @ home as I'm able to park in the shade at work. No lining to it but very soft. No scratching visible.
  6. Dead after. Period of non-operation

    Yeah cause they test & verify old and do all the work to install new as well
  7. Good Sun cover

    Yeah that's preferable but mine's full of vintage mustangs!
  8. Dead after. Period of non-operation

    $267! AAA replaced it and probably could have done it cheaper myself but I can't lift it right now with my shoulder so I just had it done.
  9. Good Sun cover

    UV cover by Cover Sun is brutal this year with UVC now actually reaching the ground in deteriorating ozone layer. I really like this light weight cover which also serves to keep dust and dew off!
  10. Dead after. Period of non-operation

    It was the battery. Truck is 2019 so that means the battery is likely 2018 so 5 years old. Replaced it and everything is fine.
  11. Dead after. Period of non-operation

    I had shoulder surgery on May 1st and had not driven my 2019 ranger since. Got in today and it was completely dead. Is there a system shut off / shutdown that kicked in after a period of non-op or likely the battery drained? Any info greatly appreciated.
  12. Chalky film on black rubber window trim.

    Interesting! Will replacements be any better?
  13. Chalky film on black rubber window trim.

    Has anyone else noticed a thick white, oxidative film on their black rubber window trim? I'm parked outside at all time but do have shade 5-days a week. I keep truck clean and UV protected. I tried several products to clean the oxidation off and found only Goof-Off to remove the film and not...
  14. Were 2019 Rangers Built Better?

    2019 here. Zero issues. Love this truck!
  15. Do I need tailgate dampers?

    DeeZee is great! Drops gate smooth and easy. Was a snap to install. Need a TORX-50 bit.
  16. Catalytic converter guard recommendations.

    Cat thefts off the hook here in NorCal!! Anyone know if new Rangers being targeted and if there's a preferred, most effective guard on the market? Thanks in advance!
  17. Thieves are getting bolder

  18. Thieves are getting bolder

    Sucks this happened to you Same exact thing happened to me at In 'N Out in NorCal. Drive-through line super long so I went inside to order. They were watching me! I put briefcase on floorboard behind passenger seat and covered it with a towel. Sign on door warned not to leave valuables in...