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  1. Can I simply use take-offs from an FX4 package?

    Wow, you are full of opinions. Sorry you are so sad. I bet we could find quite a few members on here that would disagree with your statement "just looks stupid to anyone who's ever driven a truck.". I am no longer a serious off roader, I need 4x4 for reasons stated previously. The "leveling...
  2. Can I simply use take-offs from an FX4 package?

    Interesting videos, although info doesn't necessarily apply to my usage, which is dirt roads to my house, moving about on property. This usage requires 4x4 traction, no necessarily updated 4x4 suspension. I put spacer kit vs lift kit on, and in my conditions, including paved roads, I feel it...
  3. Can I simply use take-offs from an FX4 package?

    How is it going to stress the cv's? I had a 2.5" leveling kit installed by Ford, ride is nicer IMHO. Truck is level IMHO. How does it limit suspension travel? It is basically an extension, should have same travel...
  4. Variable height tailgate support

    I think he meant staying partially open, so say, if you had a sheet of plywood on top of wheel wells, the tailgate would support. Had that system in a Dodge Dakota, loved it. It was nothing more than a halfmoon bracket that would catch the factory cable at the right height.
  5. Any one planning on going on an eclipse watching trip April 9th?

    Or anywhere for that matter. Unless they don't have clouds in the south...
  6. Any one planning on going on an eclipse watching trip April 9th?

    Walking out my back door. We are pretty close to the direct line on the map I saw. Should rent out the land for campers...
  7. What is this abomination???

    <iframe src="" width="500" height="466"...
  8. New Use For Graphene!

    I used graphene on my garage door bottom seal, so far, no more freezing to floor...
  9. 40k miles going for oil change, should anything else be looked at/flushed?

    Since we are doing the better safe than sorry, battery replacement, cooling fan anti-rotational hose, lube blend air door linkage, apply anti-seize to spark plug threads, and rotate the damper. Did I miss anything other than what was already suggested? Edit.. walnut shell blasting.
  10. Help needed to relocate factory B&O sub.

    If you are handy with tools, someone on here posted details and plenty of pics of his rear seat delete for fridge etc. Hope he sees this to chime in. Maybe he has the B&O system.
  11. Are Rangers targeted for theft?

    Funny how they stripped the rear seat out, for maybe $100 and left the tail lights, if it had the BLIS
  12. the EV con explained

    I'd rather have a hybred. Too much has to come into the picture for me to want an EV.
  13. Broken Hose in Engine - Help

    Mine is the same, dots and all. 44k and feels like new. Damn this 2019.
  14. New Wheel Option for you!!

    While I won't be buying, as my stock Magnetic wheels look fine to me, I do like the X01 wheels.
  15. Tesla’s bricked by severe cold

    Like BMW drivers around here. Some of the most aggressive drivers...
  16. Vacation reccomendatuons NH VT

    This hit the nail on the head!!! If you want coastline options other than beaches, Portsmouth NH is a great place to spend a day or so. Historical area, went on a boat tour (couple of hours only) which was great. And you are walking distance to Kittery Maine. Portsmouth area and Kittery are very...
  17. Vacation reccomendatuons NH VT

    What are you looking to do? 4 wheeling, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, brewery tour, scenic drives, historical points of interest, fishing, camping, beach... There are must do in all categories.
  18. Lucky

    I don't tow anything near that amount, but it was engineered for 7500 while 23 is 7000... All I'm saying