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  1. Alpharex PRO Review

    I hope so as well. When did you install them and run into issues? Wondering if some time has resolved some of the problems.
  2. Alpharex PRO Review

    I ended up ordering Morimoto XB's. I couldn't get over the Luxx startup sequence, ruined an awesome product that was half the price of the morimotos, why the hell can't you disable that cheap startup sequence? I also didn't want to mess with drop in bulbs in the Pro housings. Figured i'd buy...
  3. Alpharex PRO Review

    Roger that, that's what I was hoping for. Thanks!
  4. Alpharex PRO Review

    Question for you all- I ran drop in LED's in my halogen housings and realized I was being a dick. I put back in halogens and am now shopping an upgrade. I'm looking at the Luxx or the Pro's, not a fan of the Luxx startup sequence so I'm reading this thread about the Pro's. It seems like you are...
  5. Colorado AlphaRex LUXX and Morimoto LF011

    Are these still available?
  6. Washington 285/70/17 BFG AT's on Bronco Badlands beadlock-capable wheels

    Do you have a tread depth measurement? Thanks!
  7. Diode Dynamics HitchMount LED Pod Reverse Kit C1R + Brake

    I use my hitch a lot, so how I set it up should allow my to just keep the harness as is and be able to put whatever into the hitch. I just bought mine off Amazon a couple weeks ago - but here's the catch, the replacement harness is backordered for 6-8 weeks. I'm really disappointed that I'm...
  8. Diode Dynamics HitchMount LED Pod Reverse Kit C1R + Brake

    Bit of an update to this thread. I did a hybrid of what everyone else has done. I took OP's idea of drilling, took the other idea of depinning, and combined them. I drilled a much smaller hole where the yellow circle is, depinned my connector, and made the hole just big enough to fit the...
  9. Ohio Truxedo Pro X15 Roll Up Cover 6ft bed

    Bump! Make me and offer and get this out of my in-law's garage!
  10. Ohio Truxedo Pro X15 Roll Up Cover 6ft bed

    Price dropped to $250. Let's get this sold!
  11. A u x i t o confusion

    Get the same 12k for low and high beams
  12. What are better headlight bulbs

    Most of us are running auxito bulbs. Get the 12,000 lumen ones not 16k. Mine are aimed well and no flashing from other drivers. I did a lot of testing before taking it on the road and potentially blinding folks.
  13. Ohio Truxedo Pro X15 Roll Up Cover 6ft bed

    Bump, still available. Send me an offer!
  14. Anyone have Auxito bulbs?

    I have these: The beam and cutoff is exactly the same as my stock ones just way more output. 16k would be too much for sure, not sure if we have confirmed if yours are 12k or 16k. I have been flashed by people maybe 1-2 times and its only because I was going down a hill...
  15. Washington Tremor side steps 500 miles

    Hey are these for 5 foot or 6 foot beds? I have a 6 foot bed
  16. Fog Light Upgrade: (Cheap!) Auxito LED Bulb Replacement Vs. (Expensive!) Diode Dynamics or Other Full Assembly

    I did Auxitos for Fog, Low, & High. Awesome upgrade, light cutoff is great, no complaints. The really fancy LED's on my wife's CX5 grand touring are better, but for like $100 total it was well worth it.
  17. Ohio Truxedo Pro X15 Roll Up Cover 6ft bed

    For sale is my Truxedo Pro X15 tonneau cover for a 6ft supercab. I purchased this January of 2021. I recently road tripped back to Ohio from WA and required more space on the way home, so I purchased a softopper. The cover is located in Kent, OH at my in-laws house. You can pick it up from them...
  18. Ohio Aftermarket grille

    Got it, gonna be too far from where I'll be when I go back to Ohio. Thanks
  19. Ohio Aftermarket grille

    Where are you located in Ohio?