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  1. Hesitation: transmission or something else?

    Almost sounds like a dry slip yoke or joint. I know my Dad's F-150 had that sensation when it was dry.
  2. Will the 6g Ranger eventually be offered as a supercab?

    The crazy thing is the added width did nothing for room in the cab. They simply pushed the wheels out a bit in the front and rear. The cab shell itself is virtually carry-over.
  3. 2024 Tacoma – Here's The New Competition! 🥊 Now With Hybrid Model

    I always thought they were built in Texas.
  4. The Final 5G Ranger is Being Built Right Now

    I just read on another forum from an employee that posted the final Ranger of this generation is being built as I type this. It did well for being a so-called “stop gap” vehicle. It ended up getting a full 5 year model run. Just a little over 350,000 were produced.
  5. Fuel in oil

    I used to notice a lot more of a gas smell and a gain in oil over a 5,000 oil change cycle in my 2019 vs the 2022 I have now. I don't know if they made any changes or if different engines perform differently, but I've just observed that my 2022 has less of an issue with this.
  6. We're Off Part 2.... AZ-WY-MT-SD-AZ

    I live in Lead which is 3 miles from Deadwood. I'm a teacher so I'm around all summer. Enjoy your time here.
  7. Anyone else think the next gen trucks (4G ranger, new Taco, new Canyon) are WAY overpriced with crap gas milege ?

    I wouldn't be surprised if real world fuel economy isn't a touch lower in the 6G versus 5G Ranger in the right conditions. The 5G has superior aerodynamics and that can help out cruising on the open road at highway speeds.
  8. AzScorpion's Money Pit 2 Build

    Tremors do sit a little higher. You don't notice it until it's parked right next to (in this case) a stock FX4.
  9. AzScorpion's Money Pit 2 Build

    I think 2019 and 2020 had them. They seemed to go away about the same time the front aluminum fenders went in early 2021. I don’t think it makes much difference either way to be honest. I‘m guessing Ford thought the same thing.
  10. AzScorpion's Money Pit 2 Build

    My 2019 had those little plugs at the bottom of the rocker panel and my 2022 doesn't. I asked my body guy and he said it's better with them out because water and dirt can sneak in from the backside and if it's not plugged it'll drain. Less chance of rust someday. I have no idea, but that's what...
  11. AzScorpion's Money Pit 2 Build

    I’m not crazy about the steps, but I won’t remove mine because they help a lot with door dings. I’ve already gotten a little paint on the edge of mine. I bet it messed up their door good. Lol
  12. 2024 Tacoma – Here's The New Competition! 🥊 Now With Hybrid Model

    The funny thing is it almost seems they put more effort into the 5G vs the 6G Ranger when they brought the 5G to North America. They offered more cab/box combos from the start, unique front steel bumper and unique tailgate and tail lights, an all new frame and an all new powertrain vs overseas...
  13. 2024 Tacoma – Here's The New Competition! 🥊 Now With Hybrid Model

    I think another good reason to wait is other then a few cases of lemons the 5G Ranger has been a pretty reliable and durable truck. Ford doesn't have the best record lately with re-designs. A good case in point would be the proven and reliable 2019 Explorer being replaced with the unreliable...
  14. 2024 Tacoma – Here's The New Competition! 🥊 Now With Hybrid Model

    Toyota put a lot of effort into this to remain #1 in midsized trucks and conquest new buyers. Ford offers an updated midsized truck for Ford guys with blue blood. They look at this market differently because it's a big deal for Toyota and for Ford it's just to use up excess manufacturing space...
  15. WooHoo!! Today's Finally The Day!

    I agree that the Lariat Tremor seats do look nicer. The only advantage to the XLT ones is the vinyl on the bottom outside bolster might hold up better over time when your sliding your butt over it getting out everytime.
  16. WooHoo!! Today's Finally The Day!

    The steps do that, however I have learned to adapt to mine. I won't take them off. Why you might ask? I have zero door dings and had several on my 2019. Those things do well protecting the doors from all but the tallest trucks. If they ram their door into those steps they will end up with the...
  17. WooHoo!! Today's Finally The Day!

    Congratulations! I really like my 2022 Cactus Gray XLT Tremor and I'm sure you'll really like your new Lariat Tremor. Don't feel bad about getting a 2023 with the new 2024 model coming. They no longer have a Tremor, exterior styling is questionable, the price is going up and the first specs...
  18. No More Tremor After 2023

    Don't feel bad about ours having less interior space either. Ford made a mistake on the initial specs of the 2024 and the new one is less then an inch larger in all intrior measurements except for headroom which is about an inch more. So it's bigger on the outside without any benefit on the...
  19. No More Tremor After 2023

    That's true and it's a pretty good possibility that they will introduce a Tremor model for 2025, but you just know other items will be deleted from it. Some things like hood struts or a keyed lock on the tailgate will never come back. Oh well, my 2022 is just like the 2024 with it's hood prop...
  20. Should I be concerned about this frame rust?

    My 2019 had a little rust all over near the welds in several spots when I got rid of it for my 2022. I didn't worry about it, but then again I was getting rid of it anyhow.