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  1. Keys Don't Proximity Unlock? also has a very handy comparison breakdown of all the trims just for reference, just look under the model vehicle and the compare trims. Its much easier than going through the whole manual, also having reread the 2020 manual I do see that it says if equipped which is pretty much useless...
  2. Keys Don't Proximity Unlock?

    Read your owners manual..... Also if you have an xlt you don't have the keyless unlock that lariats do (touch inside of any door handle to unlock and the outside indentation to lock. You have to hit the button, or get a lariat
  3. How to add the door keypad?

    If you are swimming or at the beach you can lock everything in there, for instance I play paintball and airsoft a lot and I leave my keys and phone in the truck and just use the keypad (dont want a stray shot cracking my ridiculously expensive phone). If you do anything outdoorsy there is a...
  4. How to add the door keypad?

    Keypad is extremely nice to have though you can lock your keys in the truck, it is instant, etc. For like theme parks or the beach keypad is infinitely more useful and useable than the app. Do you really want to lock and unlock your truck a bunch and have to wait 30 seconds to a minute for each...
  5. Oil paranoia question 🤣

    Because Mobile 1 pays them to lol. Sponsorships work that way, that logic is fundamentally flawed in a lot of ways, pirelli supplies all the tires for f1 but are they the best tire? No, they paid and applied for the right to have f1 use their tires/
  6. Bronco Sasquatch wheels

    Damn I guess I am that strong lmao, but all that aside simply from the lack of performance hit and mileage decrease (still had some just not a lot) they are very light with low rolling resistance.
  7. Bronco Sasquatch wheels

    As long as they don't weigh much it will be ok, my truck still goes like a bat out of hell
  8. Bronco Sasquatch wheels

    I still doubt they weigh that much. So according to goodyear they are 52 pounds. There are 2 different models of the goodyear territory mt, the one ford uses and the regular one, they also weigh different. Discount tire and most of the other sites you look at will show you the regular territory...
  9. New Tremor Owner Here

    Welcome aboard, beautiful photos. And that sucks about the tune, you gotta get out of the hellhole that is commiefornia and move to a state that isn't doing all that bullshit lol.
  10. Interior add ons

    Feel Free to crucify me in the comments but the ebrake boot and all the top shells look kinda terrible ngl. The cup holder insert and the right storage thing are nice, and the transfer case knob would be if it wasnt surrounded by red but thats just my opinion. There needs to be contrast and the...
  11. Bronco Sasquatch wheels

    You are correct, I get loads of compliments on them
  12. Phones/Bluetooth

    Ford says to do it parked but it is probably just a liability thing vs a necessity, I was just quoting them.
  13. Bronco Sasquatch wheels

    There is zero way they are any where near 100 pounds, I am strong but I aint that strong to where I could lug around 100 pounds as easy as I have the wheels (ive been running the sasquatch wheels and tires for over a year now)
  14. Bronco Sasquatch wheels

    Nah they aren't heavy even with the 35's
  15. Bronco Sasquatch wheels

    Welcome to the club, gotta run 35's though none of this tiny tire malarky lol
  16. Burnt Ranger Build - Looking for Advice

    Wear pretty poorly and very inconsistent quality as far as the tires themselves (manufacturing issues), and the requisite "oh they are too loud and hurt the mpg and they vibrate!" But that is gonna be any aggressive tire.
  17. 2022 transmission needs repaired - says dealer

    To be fair the unplugging cameras is standard practice, but yeah I would say go elsewhere and flame em online
  18. 2022 transmission needs repaired - says dealer

    Thats insane, I am on a full lift kit with 4 new shocks, they covered mine, you need to go to a different dealer and raise hell
  19. Tire Survey

    Awesome! Glad they are working out for you, when my territory mt's go I think I am gonna go back to falkens myself
  20. Burnt Ranger Build - Looking for Advice

    MPG won't take as much a hit as youd think, that air dam under the bumper will have to go, if you are going above 3 inches in the front you need new uca's as far as the leafs, nah you are good. (assuming the kit has shocks, if it doesn't I would advise doing those as well). As far as the tires...