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  1. Anyone NOT have problems with the Ranger?

    My local had a ranger raptor for 8 hours and some sucker bought it 😂
  2. Anyone NOT have problems with the Ranger?

    Yea I heard it is but I want to at least try and see once I get to see one at a dealership
  3. Anyone NOT have problems with the Ranger?

    Well other than my driver's side is stuck on full heat my trucks been pretty good. Though whenever I do pull the dash to fix it I want to see if the 6th gen dash would fit and I can retrofit one on my truck
  4. Rangers in SNOW

    The day I pay it off and she's covered in snow
  5. Uneven Braking

    If i didnt buy this GC ill probably have have 115k on my ranger but ill take it sitting at 71k. But ill check the rims to just to be sure
  6. Save Battery Message

    It's a sign of a weak battery but I had this massage for a year before a good cold snap killed my first battery.
  7. I’m coming back to the Ranger club!

    Hell I been slowly waiting for the next gen ranger to appear at dealerships so I can compare mine to one and see i its even doable to swap front clips and dashes. And yea i know i could buy the new one but where is the fun in that?
  8. Long Range America Tank

    Well guess i know what im buyng
  9. What are some reliable, practical 2nd vehicle options?

    Well I been driving a 18 Grand Cherokee and it's been doing wonders for my current situation. Eventually though I'm hoping to Coyote swap the bronco and have a 3rd running vehicle
  10. Heated Seats Wiring on Non Heated Models

    Hell I still haven't got around to hooking the heated seats but they should be able to get power from the harness connection on the sides of the foot wells. You will need an upgraded bezel with the heated seat buttons or try getting the infotainment to have it
  11. High Mileage Ranger Report

    70k on mine but the battery died so gotta pick up a new one
  12. Aftermarket heated seats with OEM switches

    That's interesting especially when I actually did swap in a bezel with the heated seat buttons on them. Still haven't gotten around to wiring them to the harness in the footwells
  13. 23 Gladiator

    If I was in a better financial position I would buy one just to add to my vehicle collection lol
  14. 98k and cracked gasket, told I need new engine

    That's fair but shouldn't be too crazy to try but it's not on my list to do for the foreseeable future as I need to finish other projects.
  15. 98k and cracked gasket, told I need new engine

    There's a place out in Ohio that has turn key used engines for older vehicle projects that I would get an engine and transmission for.
  16. 98k and cracked gasket, told I need new engine

    Most likely I'll use a turn key 2.7 though it shouldn't be too difficult to throw one in since the ranger and bronco share a chassis. As for reliability its average but I just wanted to throw one in mostly as am upgrade to power
  17. 98k and cracked gasket, told I need new engine

    Honestly if the 2.3 were to go out im just throwing a 2.7 in my truck
  18. Windshield Chipped(ish - sorta) Fix it or Ignore?

    Had a few chips I had fixed and I honestly forgot I had them till this post. I'll fix them asap
  19. Oil change FUBAR.

    This is one of many reasons why I changed my own oil in general including my ranger from day one.
  20. LS swap?

    Funny though a Coyote could fit in the ranger rather nicely, saw someone putting one in the 6gen bronco so