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  1. TopoRanger's Overland Ranger Build

    Thank yall! I’m looking forward to getting more fabrication time in on some stuff soon!
  2. TopoRanger's Overland Ranger Build

    Thank you!! The build has stalled a bit since we moved to Montana but I’m hoping to get back to fabricating a custom snorkel and a bed camper for it.
  3. TopoRanger's Overland Ranger Build

    I designed it on SketchUp
  4. Diy Block heater install?

    I’ll definitely keep that in mind! Thanks bud
  5. Engine block heater

    I’m definitely looking into a block heater. It’s my first winter in Montana and the truck definitely didn’t like cranking after -30s over night.
  6. Diy Block heater install?

    Reviving this thread! The other night it got to -30s in Montana. I have been researching some heaters for the engine but I wouldn’t mind trying to find something for the transmission too, if there is such a thing. Newbie to the subzero stuff haha
  7. TopoRanger's Overland Ranger Build

    hahaha yes you’re right.
  8. TopoRanger's Overland Ranger Build

    Back to snow wheeling. I’m going to be moving into a house with a garage again so I’ll be starting to build a bed camper for the flatbed.
  9. Just tossing around some ideas…

    Looks like it’s either 4.46 or 4.70 gears as options for the M220 rearend. The SAS Bronco is a 4.70. Looks like it’s gonna be that!
  10. Just tossing around some ideas…

    I already plan to change the axle gearing when I swap the front end. I’ll do those swaps first and set what it feels like. Haven’t really found much gearing charts for the ranger. I’ll crunch somenumbers to see what gearing is ideal with 37s before I just throw some gears in. The front will...
  11. Just tossing around some ideas…

    Like everything I've done to the ranger totally? Coastal Offroad Front bumper Front Winch Mountune Intercooler 35's about to be 37's Beadlocks Flatbed Fridge Future mods will be: Sliders Rear winch Trundle Drawer RTT Long Travel LRA Tank Dana front end There will be weight to it but that's...
  12. Just tossing around some ideas…

    So after this following weekend I’ve come across some 21° and steeper hill climbs. The Ranger did pretty well but I’ve been tossing around the idea of upgrading the transfer case to a better ratio. I believe the ratio in 4Lo is like 2.717:1. Does anyone have any information on the Model of...
  13. Long Range America Tank

    The price is pretty similar to the prices that I was told when I got my first LRA tank.
  14. Long Range America Tank

    Yeah it’s expensive but that’s the typical prices for double the fuel tank. I’ve been in many close calls out exploring even after using my spare fuel where this would have put me in a perfect state of mind knowing the fuel is there. It’s just all where you travel. This tank isn’t for...
  15. Long Range America Tank

    It replaces the OEM tank completly.
  16. Long Range America Tank

    Just got this update from Long Range America today. -The Tank will be around 37gal, hopefully around the $2000 mark plus shipping and will be here end of the year in limited numbers. -We will have a mailing list sign up, up and live soon where the tanks will be first come first serve once we...
  17. Yay or Nay

    I did subdued topography on my dash then wrapped it. I’m going to change it up a bit but still keep the topography. I’m going to blend it with carbon fiber though.
  18. TopoRanger's Overland Ranger Build

    I haven’t had much to update on with the truck except that I now live in Montana!
  19. New to Montana!

    Yeah that was central Georgia where that photo was taken. It’s been an incredible move!
  20. New to Montana!

    What’s going on everyone? My gf and I just moved to Missoula, Montana from South Carolina. Once we get settled in I’d love to get the Ranger out for some wheeling and camping. Anyone local to Missoula?