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  1. How long did your factory tires last (miles)

    Probably could have gone longer, but the occasional hydroplaneing was becoming less occasional 42k on 17inch Hankooks
  2. North Carolina Sold: Wireless Charging Pad

    I added Magsafe to my phone and now use a dash mounted wireless charger so no longer need this. This is a DrikM made pad that fits in the cubby at the base of the center stack - details in this thread On this particular one it has a sanded and painted surface. Asking $25 - starting with local...
  3. Console Arm Rest Cover

    Thanks I have an XLT as well and have considered changing to leather. I actually use a fleece cover over mine that has served well over the last few years. Warm in the winter and not sticky in the summer. Maybe I should be happy with what I got!
  4. Console Arm Rest Cover

    Hey Chris is that the leather armrest?
  5. are XL and XLT visors compatible?

    I had to run a wire - I think I posted details somewhere. IIRC adding the power gave me the option to tap switched power (so the garage door opener is off). I only did driver's side. still have the stock XLT on the wifes side. Mainly did it to add garage door opener.
  6. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    New Black out Ford ovals. After ~2 yrs my beautifully painted ones look like crap!:crying: Well mainly the front one, but doing both.
  7. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Hey Benny Well my beautiful Black and White logs are now looking, well crappy. The black emblem came out after I painted its time to go back to stock! Any codes for M-1447-RNGR
  8. Mud Flap (No Drill) Options!!??

    Sorry to the molded crowd - but I couldn't put the same mud flaps on my truck as my wife's mini van. I went with Gatorbacks. Pricey, yes, but all rubber and look good IMHO. You do need to drill 1 hole in the rear in the plastic liner.
  9. Amp Research Power Steps Review……

    I have the SS trim as well. It also prevent shin rash if you rub against the rough powder coated edge.
  10. Amp Research Power Steps Review……

    Best addition I made and the ONLY one my wife likes! And truck looks better
  11. How to Enable Backup Camera While Driving?

    Sorry its not included in my manual. the link in the table goes to the end of the section. PINPOINT TEST A : THE REAR VIDEO CAMERA IS INOPERATIVE OR DOES NOT OPERATE CORRECTLY which is a dead link.
  12. Adding Adaptive Cruise Control?

    LOL that was it. I guess lane keeping has not made much of an impression if I have not noticed it was off until it came up in this thread. Thanks Guys
  13. Adding Adaptive Cruise Control?

    I forgot about that. But would expect it to show up in the menu if I accidentally hit that. Will try later Thanks for the reply
  14. Adding Adaptive Cruise Control?

    Hey the recent discussion on Lane Alert made me realize mine no longer works! If I had to guess its a result of adding ACC. Do any of you see the same?
  15. North Carolina WTS XLT Headlights

    well still have these - anybody with a broken headlight? Make Offfer
  16. Adding Adaptive Cruise Control?

    I thought that was Centering. LoL maybe thats why I'm not impressed with it! The aid kinda bats you back and forth between the lines
  17. Adding Adaptive Cruise Control?

    Hey Krzysztof Mine already has it. But it can't be any harder than adding ACC. Mine is off. Can't remember why I shut it off ( or did adding ACC disable it!? I need to check) Not sure it would be worth the effort. But that's your call. And I get the thrill of the chase. Good Luck
  18. Don't buy RainX Silicone Eundura Blades

    I just tried the silicon RainX and think they work pretty well, you do need to occasionally clean the boogers off. And yes the connector is freakishly large, but aren't all the after market blades? I typically change my wipers 2x/yr at time change. Figure I go into winter ice and spring rain...
  19. Wireless Charging Install

    That's pretty much exactly what I saw. One other comment that I might have forgot to mention. When just charging and maybe running maps phone does not get hot. Warm yes, but no where near the temp with the rectangular charger.
  20. Wireless Charging Install

    Amazon - exact same dia as the apple version. I didnt check the thickenss for some reason. CourseMotorsports - this wasn't cheap I would have returned the wireless charging head, but had already installed the bracket and they don't take partial returns. I do like the mount and its a std 7mm ball...