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  1. Carvana is paying big $$

    My nearest carvana is 764 miles away. Needless to say the offer isnt very good. $37,377 for a 2020 lariat crew cab fx4 sports appearance package with only 2000 miles on it.. Plus id have to get within 50 miles of the nearest location..
  2. Wifi hot spot

    We do have charter/spectrum here.. I also moved to an area that doesnt have comcast/xfinity. I stream my tv now.. much better options available
  3. Wifi hot spot

    Probably the same reason you dont like Comcast.. which is another company that wont see a dime of my money
  4. Wifi hot spot

    If i wasnt stuck using at&t I'd actually activate it.. but i refuse to use at&t.. Too bad Ford limits their customers to one carrier.. oh well
  5. $3750 Trade-in incentive

    Plus an extra $250 for filing some paperwork to transfer title back, plus it will look like they sold 2 vehicles.. so who knows if there is more incentives for selling volume
  6. Wifi hot spot

    Its more of an at&t will never see any of my money thing than signing up for a separate plan. Though that is another part of the deal breaker.. I can just hot spot devices with my phone and current carrier if needed. Just thought since the truck has this feature it would be nice to use it..
  7. Wifi hot spot

    Well damn.. not signing up with at&t to get it.. guess it will never get used
  8. Wifi hot spot

    Is there a way to change the carrier from at&t to my cell phone carrier? I havent checked the owners manual yet, i did a quick forum search and didnt find much..
  9. Hate this place!!!

    Bought my ranger January 30th at 730pm. Eibach pro truck 2.0s were ordered January 31st by 9am.. My stock tires made it all of 536 miles.. Still have them for sale too..
  10. Lariat Tire Options

    My 2020 lariat is fx4 with sports appearance package and the 18" machinedd alloy with magnetic pockets..
  11. Lariat Tire Options

    Im running 265/70r18 falken wildpeak at3w on my 2020 lariat with 3" Eibach pro truck 2.0
  12. Anybody like beer?

    Have you gone to Kilchoman yet? I'm lucky enough to live 3 hours from the hop capital of the world, Yakima Valley, Wa.. We get some great beers.. I prefer Bale Breaker as one of my favorites.. brewery in the middle of hop fields.
  13. Anybody like beer?

    Yes I like beer.. If i was in Scotland.. beer would not be where i was at.. Ardbeg would probably have to tresspass me to get me to leave...
  14. Washington WTS Hankook Dynapro Atm 265/60r18

    Still an amazing season..
  15. Washington WTS Hankook Dynapro Atm 265/60r18

    Still for sale.. 265/60r18 Im im in spokane..
  16. More aggressive looking tire

    Falken wildpeak MTs?
  17. New FordPass Feature?

    Definitely dont have the trailer light check on mine. I wonder do you have a trailer hooked up? Maybe its only available when connected to a trailer.
  18. Bushwacker or Ford rocker panel armor

    I installed my free bushwackers.. There is a gap between the front panel and the rear panel, but it lines up with thr door gap. I wish they kicked up the front fender like they do on the rear. My passenger rear cab corner panel needed a little heat to help soften the plastic to get curve to fit...

    If you live in a high humidity area there has been known to be a condensation issue with the intercooler.. The mustang and focus guys have a fix for it.. Might want to check into that..
  20. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Just received my bush wacker trail armor rocker/door sill gaurds. That the shipper was unable to deliver for 10 days and Summit Racing refunded.. Score for me, i guess.. Installed Friday 4/2.. i like the idea behind them. Surprised it was a 4 piece kit and not 2 full side pieces. There is an...