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  1. FX4 Suspension

    I have the ford fox lvling kit and it’s so much better imo. But it’s a pricey set.
  2. Rubbing issue.

    Yes that’s exactly what happened I simply put 1/2 spacers on the tires and have no problems now.
  3. Took my ranger to a Jeep Offroad Rally!

    Very nice video. Love it.
  4. Adding FX4 Skid Plate to the Ranger

    Yes if you have a 4x4 there’s already a small skid plate. Take it off reuse the bolts and your good to go.
  5. 2020 XL and morimoto LED side markers...not working

    They don’t blink.
  6. FX-4 & Tremor & Front Locker

    Ford tuned fox kit is great. With some 265/70/17s and add a terrain management switch if you didn’t but the fx4 like me.
  7. Falken Wildpeaks

    I put them on mine and they ride smooth no vibration and just as quite as stock. I love em.
  8. Thinking about purchasing a Ranger

    They didn’t have any fx4 when I bought mine so I got the 20 xlt sport 4x4. Added the leveling kit, terrain management switch and skid plates. Only thing it doesn’t have is the trial control. You will love the truck it’s great.
  9. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Got the lvl kit and tires on her
  10. I'm new i'm new I don't know what to do.

    Welcome. There’s plenty here to spend on ?
  11. Rubbing issue.

    So they said it will just move back because that’s how the factory set it. So I just put 1/4 inch spacers on them and problem solved. Surprised no one else has had this issue.
  12. Rubbing issue.

    It appears to be off center b around 3/4 of a inch so that’s the problem. Thanks so much everyone.
  13. Rubbing issue.

    So the sway bar is something that can be adjusted?
  14. Rubbing issue.

    Thanks everyone I’ll take it back to the tire shop tomorrow and let them look at it.
  15. Rubbing issue.

    Is that the alignment?
  16. Rubbing issue.

    They said they did but maybe that’s the issue? I’ll call them tomorrow and see what they say.
  17. Rubbing issue.

    Could it be a bad install?
  18. Rubbing issue.

    They’re the at3w 115t sl rated tires. Maybe a spacer would work?
  19. Rubbing issue.

    Can those sway bars be adjusted?