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  1. Bilstein 5100 shocks

    This is Truth... The factory shocks are the worst factory ride I have encountered in any vehicle
  2. Useful 3D printed items..

    Have a link to the sun shade clips?
  3. Tips? Job Interview

    Focus on the skills that can't be taught..
  4. Useful 3D printed items..

    That's what I did for fit first Did the variable layer in Prusa slicer fit great the first time.. used petg
  5. Bilstein 5100...Love it

    Ya maybe a week or so no drop
  6. Bilstein 5100...Love it

    Yes! They are stiffer than the factory and transfer a bit more on bumpy roads. Best mod I have some to my ranger highly recommend
  7. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Looking to order one of these could I get a code please..
  8. 2022 Ranger Center Storage Divider

    You have the STL posted anywhere?
  9. Chemical Bros. Guys Input …

    Used to be a meguires guy but Turtle Wax is killin it right now..
  10. Useful 3D printed items..

    Depends on what filament you use and the environment the object is in. Most items are pretty durable..
  11. Useful 3D printed items..

    The funnel is fantastic.. I am printing tool box organizers now..
  12. Chemical Guys V. Mothers

    Used both now have moved to Turtle Wax..
  13. Rear differential pinion seal replacement

    Dang.. Reminds me of hay wrapping on drive shafts on the farm.. That will be a job the pinion will need to be completely removed to replace the seal. The first time I "used my skid plate" was from highway debris.
  14. Driveshaft Phasing

    Money better spent just going with a one piece replacement. IMHO
  15. 5100 Bilstein Regrets?

    Only regret I have is not installing them sooner
  16. Bilstein rear shock install question

    Enjoy the improvement
  17. Useful 3D printed items.. Cool phone holder
  18. Friday night drunk posting thread

    This is why I drink bourbon neat less in less out ?
  19. Bilstein vs Eibach vs FOX 2.0 Rear Shocks

    I am in the Bilstein camp love em..
  20. Fuel in oil

    Interesting this also sounds like a leaking HPFP as my truck was doing..