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  1. Low fuel warning light

    Anybody try using Forscan to edit or disable the ”Low fuel warning light”? Mine comes on right at the quarter tank mark - grrrrrr!
  2. Supercrew rear seat delete

    The rear seat delete on my 2021 XLT Supercrew is finished.
  3. I want to disable rear seatbelt sensors - ideas?

    This morning I removed the back seats from my 2021 supercrew in order to prepare for Goose Gear style install. However, now I get a dash light letting me know that I unplugged those seatbelts. I have plugged the belts back in but would like to remove and store with the seat. Is there any way to...
  4. Ordered a SCAB FX2 6 months ago, still no truck in sight

    How long have you folks Been waiting? I called Ford this morning to confirm that the order actually exists and that it is in the queue, It is, and that there aren’t any delays noted on the order, nope... The order has been updated to the 2022 model year so at least it won’t already be a year...
  5. Looking for a quick Supercab interior measurement -

    Hello, This is my first post: I’m wondering how wide the space is between the rear seat backs? It looks like I may be able to mount a small powered subwoofer in that gap - from what I understand there is little or no space under the front seats for a small sub. Backstory: I ordered an XLT...