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  1. How much squat at max payload?

    A thought … count shovels dirt into a 5 gallon bucket and weight the bucket. Then count how much you shovel into truck ..
  2. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Well Done ! I was alone so just went for it. I will never put them back ?. Cutting was not bad , the Hackzall is smaller than a sawall buts has the power, worked great. I wonder if a tremor is different. I could never find the 4th bolt to the plastic block and the next step was to take the...
  3. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I used a Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hackzall with the Diablo heavy metal blades 4” and 6” . The only real challenge was trying to get the plastic block out to clear the one bolt for the rear bar. After unbolting things for a hour, i could not get it out, so I used a plastic blade and a Drexel tool to...
  4. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I sawed them out .. fronts did not take long at all. Get good sawall blades. Rear are a challenge, not as much room to cut and difficult getting one bolt out.
  5. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Undercover Swing Cases & reaching tool and brackets Readylift crash bars
  6. Tremor spare wheel and tire, is yours an alloy mag?

    I did not look at diameter .. now I need to do that
  7. Report your MPG

    2021 crew lariat tremor .. 1” level, 1” wheel spacer, 20.4 MPG overall. Does not matter if it is city or highway.
  8. Stock Tremor w/1" wheel spacers - pics

    A question Anthony ? Did you have the 1” spacers on when they did the alignment? I am not sure it matters .. really curious would the spacers change anything?
  9. Stock Tremor w/1" wheel spacers - pics

    I am not sure but I get what you are talking about … it drives ok, but something feels wrong. I just stopped at the other shop and they have the specs and said they will compare them to the specs you provided.
  10. Stock Tremor w/1" wheel spacers - pics

    Funny you say this Anthony. I just scheduled a appointment to get my truck aligned by a different shop. I am not really sure the other aligned it correctly.
  11. Stock Tremor w/1" wheel spacers - pics

    I moved both beams as far forward as they will go. Stock tires, 1” lift, 1” spacers. But it rubs backing up, wheels turned to the right, almost at lock. Passenger side is ok, has 3/8” of clearance. I just ordered the readylift high clearance beams. That should do it. I want the saftey , but need...
  12. Best bed light mod for ranger

    Looks great ! Did one piece fit on each side?
  13. Stock Tremor w/1" wheel spacers - pics

    Looks outstanding ! Still 1” spacers ? I was hoping the tires would clear without removing the bars ?
  14. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    Nice ! I saw a YouTube video that said BuiltRight is coming out with a panel for the front wall of the bed later this year. Very cool!
  15. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    Some of the lower holes are used by BuiltRight to mount their Molle panel
  16. Tremor spacers

    Thank you so much Alec ! This is super helpful !
  17. Go Rhino Dominator D6 vs. DSS Pictures

    Thanks John .. just getting back to doing this. I don’t understand why the 2 size plates and the threaded holes. I was thinking 1 plate and get longer bolts. But I am sure you have a reason and a plan. Teach me, please.