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  1. Ham radio - TS-480 mounting location?

    I use the FT in my truck now for 2m! I was thinking also of getting just a dedicated 10m/11m radio, as 10m is mostly what I’d be focusing on anyway. Have you mounted one in this truck ?
  2. Ham radio - TS-480 mounting location?

    Hey everyone, I’ve been kicking around the idea of mounting my Kenwood TS-480SAT in my truck seeing as though it’s just sitting in my closet collecting dust. I currently live in An apartment and have no good means of operating a home station. where would Be the best place to locate the main...
  3. A/C heating issue

    This just happened to me today... Looks like I'll be saving for a repair :(
  4. How to remove Foglight trim?

    Hey everyone. With the recent snow, My truck hit a spot of ice on a turn and I took out a mailbox with the front of my truck. No real damage, other than my bug deflector being cracked in half, and my passenger side fog light housing broken (Light still works, just the plastic around it). I...
  5. What did Santa Bring You For Your Ranger

    nothing specifically for the ranger, but I did get a $100 amazon card that'll be spent for the ranger!
  6. Anyone here use the SCITOO soft bed flip cover?

    I have a spray-in bed liner. would this just sit on top of that, or do I have to scrape off the liner?
  7. Anyone here use the SCITOO soft bed flip cover?

    As the title states, anyone use this?
  8. Does Upstate, NY count?

    I'd be down for a meet-up! Also, I can make some ADK vinyl stickers if people are intested!
  9. Does Upstate, NY count?

    I'm still here! an ADK group would be killer!
  10. Anderson Powerpole Connector in Rear Passenger

    I dont see why they would be an issue. Love anderson power connectors. I may do the same now that you mentioned it! Just make sure you get the correct ones for the size wire/amperage.
  11. Placement of E-ZPass Transponder

    I put mine right below the lane monitoring. seems to work fine!
  12. HAM Radio Intalled

    Thanks! I would do it myself, but knowing me, I would screw it up big time!
  13. HAM Radio Intalled

    That looks like a great setup! any idea how much it would cost to have a company do it for me?
  14. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Installed my first camping accessory! Mountain Hatch Tailgate!
  15. Did a thing

    Nice Job! Would look good with some EL wire lighting it up!
  16. For those with Ham Antennas on the hood

    haha maybe at some point! I need to look into the ditch light mounts. That would be ideal!
  17. For those with Ham Antennas on the hood

    I’d like to do a dual antenna set up too! I’d like to Mount them to the RCI backrack I want to get, but worried they won’t clear the tent I want to put in it once it’s unfolded.
  18. For those with Ham Antennas on the hood

    That’s a great job! I’ll be doing something similar until I get a true mobile rig. I bought the Diamond HD NMO mount that comes with the RG-58 already on it with a male SMA connector on the end, so it’s pretty small already. Came with a SMA to PL-236 adapter too, so it’ll be easy to plug and...
  19. For those with Ham Antennas on the hood

    How did you get the antenna coax through the firewall? I see the rubber boot on the passenger side, but it looks completely sealed?