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  1. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Nothing. Yet. Sitting in airport waiting to head home. And since I departed out of a neighboring airport this time I have a 2 1/2 hour ride to look forward to after I get back to my blue baby. And looking forward to it I am. :inlove: Road trip in the Ranger is GREAT finish to the week. One...
  2. Post your off-road pics.

    Blue :inlove:
  3. Help!, What oil?

    Most likely the first Bot to ever apologize.
  4. Help!, What oil?

    Probably right. In your case, I'd recommend using Wesson Oil. For filters, i generally just strip the core out of the existing filter and put the empty can back on.
  5. Help!, What oil?

    Castrol Full Syn. 5W-30. Wix filter. Here goes an exploding list of opinions! Come on everybody... pile on! :crackup: "You must buy XYZ brand as they have pixie dust unique to them..." And.... wait until the "Whenever the trucks says to" folks post followed up by the "Change it every 750...
  6. Borla exhaust burn/smoke

    Let's see... ol' skool loping V8 vs Singer sewing machine 4 pot. Yep. Probably sounds identical. Not. Love the Ranger. But the only way to make it sound good is to stuff a V8 in it. The song a V8 sings is one thing that can never be replaced no matter how good the 4 & 6 cylinders have become...
  7. Any Truth to This Regarding Disabling Stop/Start

    +1 Kind of surprised at the efforts being put forth in order to avoid hitting one little button immediately after starting. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Expedition One front bumper install

    Dayum OP. You got skilz. Nice write up. Only request I have is how about a pic of the finished product? Jeez.... serious skilz. And fractions! Did I mention I do my own oil changes? :sunglasses:
  9. Some Motivation For Y'all

    Anybody else notice that their wallet got a bit warm while watching the video?
  10. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    So sorry Fitz. Truly. Never easy when it is time for them to go. Dogs.... dogs are the best! Period.
  11. Ford Pass Not Updating Oil Life

    I'd bet a beer and some wings this is the issue.
  12. B Pillar Applique

    Wow............ look at all that blue... :inlove: :bandit:
  13. B Pillar Applique

    Even burned those square wheel wells continue to look like shit.
  14. B Pillar Applique

    I started at the bottom edge. No heat gun/hair dryer. Just picked at a corner until I had enough to grab, then slow and steady. It did tear a couple of times but I'd just grab the spot where it tore and continue with slow and steady. It was a very quick process. Seriously, maybe a minute for...
  15. Anyone NOT have problems with the Ranger?

    Blue Tremor will be one year old in about two weeks. Currently sitting at 17K+ miles. No issues. Love the truck! Ridiculously so. Got to make a road trip in two weeks (@700+ miles RT.) and can't wait to get in some nice windshield time. After a year I still stop and look at it when I am in the...
  16. Ranger 5th wheel?

    Well that sucks. Link was clean last week. All in all you didn't really miss anything though. Update: Just tried the link this morning and it is fine.
  17. Spark plug change at 43000 miles

    The real question here is... if an AI bot if banned, going forward are we allowed to mention that member by name without getting chastised?