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  1. New Falken Wildpeak AT4W

    After three years and 45K on the factory Hankook tires, I broke down and got new shoes. I went with 255/70/18. I do have the Eibach coilovers set at about one inch of lift. Huge shoutout to @Discount Tire for taking care of me.
  2. 1966 GT40

    This sold today at Mecum for $6.3 million
  3. AC question

    For those smarter than me, which is not difficult, is the AC tied somehow to the outside temperature? Last week if finally started to cool off some at night here. Going to work in the late afternoon the temps were around 80 and AC worked fine. Nice and cold. Leaving to come home, temps in...
  4. Shark Week

  5. Super Duty Bronco

  6. Themes

    Has anybody had any luck changing the themes on the radio? I was able to change the splash screen with forscan. Watched several different videos on changing the theme/style. One was through the truck radio using the test settings and the other through forscan. Although, both options were...
  7. Diode Dynamics SS3 Max Fogs

    So I initially had the DD SL1 bulbs. They were a big improvement over factory but I wanted some more light. So I upgraded to the max yellow fogs The throw width on these are amazing And this is with the low beams on
  8. Veterans Day

    Can’t believe it’s been 30 years since I was active duty. Some of the best years of my life. Big salute to all those who served??
  9. Ridgid FFP fog lights

    What is it about the FFP fog lights that are direct replacement for the factory figs that makes "off road use"? Levittown has a good price on them and want something I can use all the time. Us older guys don't see at night as well as we used to?
  10. 18" tires

    Doesn't seem to be many options for 18" 10 ply tires. Looking for something a little more road friendly than the BFG'S.
  11. Huge shoutout!

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to Frank and the rest of the crew at Stage 3. Ordered rear Fox shocks last Thursday afternoon. Was waiting to hear on shipping info and they were delivered today! Looks like I will be spending more money there.......