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  1. For the Pedal Commander Fan Boys out there

    With you calling out the fan boys, Is it just Pedal Commander you dislike? This video is really just Banks advertising his own system as superior. Nothing wrong with that and it’s entirely possible he’s correct and his system is superior.
  2. 4H

    And yeah there’s nothing wrong with your truck, mine does the exact same thing.
  3. 4H

    Yep, Ford dropped the ball massively on this. The new Colorado/Canyon trucks offer it in almost every configuration. Considering Ford has all the hardware and software available from the Bronco it’s a big miss. It’s currently cold as hell up here with dustings of snow making it very slippery. I...
  4. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    If your truck was running at the time the oil will expand when warm and read higher, correct?
  5. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    Just so I’m clear on this, some of you guys are checking your level with the truck off and cold? I thought If we wanted to check the level cold it still needed to be running and have had all the gears cycled through, then it should read approximately one number lower than the level you’d get...
  6. Rear Tow Hooks

    No spacers. I thought at first I might need a few washers for the rear hole I drilled but they weren’t necessary. There is some ability to manipulate the clearance to the bumper based on how you tighten the bolts.
  7. Rear Tow Hooks

    I was out at the local salvage yard and remembered this post from a while back, so for 20.00 I snagged some front tow hooks from an F150. I then sandblasted them and painted them Ford blue to match my front tow hooks I had previously painted blue. Very easy install, and was cheap...
  8. Reliability and Adaptive Cruise?

    I think I have to add this point to my review of the adaptive cruise as well. the closet distance you can set is just a bit to far away for my liking and the odd person will slip into the space which will then make the truck apply the brakes fairly aggressively to regain the set gap. I can...
  9. Reliability and Adaptive Cruise?

    Asking about reliabilty on a Ranger forum will be very subjective. Rare issues will get magnified and at the same time some legitimate issues might get dismissed or downplayed. my 2019 with 64,000km has been quite reliable. My truck came low on refrigerant which was easily fixed by the dealer...
  10. Key stuck in spare tire crank lock!!

    If it’s like my motorcycle cap it needs to be installed in place before the key can come out. Or you need to figure out if you need to squeeze the lock together like suggested to pull the key out
  11. Fuel Offroad Rush wheels

    Yeah they’ve been good, no issues at all. pretty crazy that there is such a supply chain issue still. I still really like the look of the wheels and a bonus is the width and offset of these allow you to run without fender flares or add a set of OE style flares like the Bushwacker set and still...
  12. Differentials and Transfer Case Fluid Change

    First differential and transfer case oil change on my Ranger. Trucks at 58,000km or about 36,000miles. Rear diff oil was very dirty and had a decent buildup on the magnetic plug. Front diff was definitely cleaner but still worth changing, magnetic plug also had a decent amount of filings as...
  13. Motorcycle BS Thread

    As long as you have a bike and a vision you’re almost set. Well that and a pocket full of money. A lot of times the fabrication isn’t too extensive and wouldn’t be a crazy amount of money to get someone to do it for you. Once I cut off the whole rear subframe it was nearly limitless how I could...
  14. Motorcycle BS Thread

    Thanks, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m still fighting the carb tuning a bit but it’s close. It’s actually shockingly comfortable to ride, I wasn’t expecting much as I was going form over function but it’s way better than I hoped.
  15. Motorcycle BS Thread

    And one more with the CB750
  16. Motorcycle BS Thread

    here’s my new bike build, it’s a 1983 Honda GL650 Silverwing. I’ll add a before and after picture.
  17. Constant quality complaints in forum

    Personally I’d rather read about complaints than a full on Ford love fest. Most people that are on here really like or love their trucks else they wouldn’t bother being on the forum in the first place. The best and most recent example is all the complaints and talk about our transmissions and...
  18. 2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor ? Revealed! Raptor Price Starts at $56,960

    I don't see a 4WD auto option, major fail if it's true.
  19. Auxito bulb issue?

    I had this exact issue last winter. I had my first set installed about a year before they started doing this. I think it started with just one of them and then once the second bulb went dim I could really notice it. I never left the city during that time so it was a bit harder to pick up. I just...
  20. Fit Snowmobile in 5 ft bed?

    When there’s a will, there’s a way. But seriously, like was mentioned as long as the skis fit between the wheel wells it should be fine. Most of the machines from that era are shorter track units so not near as long as some of the machines today. My machines have a 144” track and bumper to...