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  1. Aonarch's 2021 Ranger Tremor XLT Build

    Update: I finally got a Bronco.
  2. 2021 Ranger XLT Tremor - Deep Sleep in cold weather

    Does anyone have instructions on how to change this in Forscan? I have the app and correct cable. EDIT: NVM super easy. Just go into BCM it's right there.
  3. 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO vs Ford Ranger Tremor (XLT) 4x4 Off-Road Challenge

    In another video, he stuffs a TRD Pro 4Runner into a tree, from a poor line choice. Also you ALWAYS engage your locker/s before encountering an obstacle. Neither of these guys knew that. Meaning that little rock garden they were on, they should have engaged the lockers say 10 feet before hand...
  4. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Installed the aFe Quantum Intake. I already had the power scoop and Velossa Tech Big Mouth. I didn't notice really any difference with the intake, but just the silicone hose itself has to net benefit. The stock one is smaller and won't flow as efficiently. I drove around and didn't really...
  5. Aonarch's 2021 Ranger Tremor XLT Build

    Done! aFe intercooler pipes are on. Easy install, except the cold side you really have to just muscle it on. No elegant way to do it.
  6. Aonarch's 2021 Ranger Tremor XLT Build

    I haven't posted in a while. I'm genuinely loving the Ranger. It drives so nice. Finally got around to doing the full Afe intake. I'm installing the Afe intercooler pipes tomorrow.
  7. Having trouble getting my ball joints to break free

    I see that you gave up, but in the future. Penatrating oil. A big f'ing hammer, not a little framing hammer, or whatever you were using. Run the nut down to the end on the threads. Hit the side of the tie rod with the hammer, don't hit it with your purse. Tap, not hammer, the bottom of the...
  8. 2023 Ranger Order Guides (U.S. & Canada)

    This is still the 5G, be advised. I've seen people saying they are ordering a 2023 today, not understanding that this is still a 5G.
  9. 34's installed 285/75R 17 Just leveled.

    The big question is do you rub fully flexed out
  10. Do you find different brands of gasoline make a difference?

    Fuel, fuel octane and oil change threads... the dead horse of car forums.
  11. Official 2023 Maverick Tremor Release! – Specs, Pics, Videos. Priced @ $2,995 ?

    No low range is what kills them in any serious offroad setting, followed by lack of lockers, or extreme hurdles adding lockers aftermarket. The locking diff is a god send for the Maverick, that alone is worth the package cost to me. The original Jeep Cherokee is a unibody and they are beasts...
  12. Ridiculous Pricing

    There can be insane lease deals to be had too. Check out lease hacker. I once leased a CPO Mini for one single payment of $1200.
  13. Who else has abandoned their sports car?

    Ha I've also been looking at Mustangs, but then I think new mustang or a mint C7 Corvette.
  14. Reserved for Green Vehicles

    This is hilarious. So by definition we can park in Green Car parking.
  15. 70 MPH, ENGINE DIED!!

    Check battery connections and ground.
  16. Ford Upgrade Program. Could it be true?

    That is just a marketing/ business development tactic.
  17. Performance , 91 octane in 2022 ranger vs 87

    Our trucks have octane sensing capabilities and will adjust power. The Bronco actually publishes power figures with 87 vs 93, I'd expect our engines to be similar.