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  1. Someone explain this to me.

    Why is it, that V6 Taco drivers always want to do the stop light derby? Yet the four banger drivers don't even try?
  2. What year is this?

    I posted this on the Ranger6G site, with little success. here it is: I was waiting on a lunch friend at Dion's in south Roswell, NM this noon (yesterday). I noticed a Ranger pull into the parking lot of a business next door. It was silver in color, had an FX4 decal on the rear bed side, and...
  3. What next?
  4. Have you noticed this?

    If you have an after market repair manual, this screen shot is part of the information given. Note the "DriveType"
  5. Gen 6 Grill

    It has finally downed on me, why Ford fully redesigned the grill for the Gen 6 ranger.... Too many folks thought it was a Taco!
  6. Replacing an external mirror.

    If you destroy your outside mirror (I accidentally shot mine with an airgun! And don't ask!), here's something you need to know. If you own a repair manual, it explains how to remove the upper trim panel, which houses the Twitter for the sound system. That is really easy to do, even with a...
  7. Balanced shafts

    Ford's 2.3 Eco-Boost has a balance shaft assembly similar to Mazda's. It is a block of iron (literally!) driven from a gear between cylinders 2 and 3. It is relatively easy to remove, and a small plug assembly is available which plugs the oil feed to it. I'm wondering if anyone here has removed...
  8. Just what we needed!

    Over the years, the NHTSA has mandated a number of so-called "safety features". THE CHMSL was one of the first, along with airbags all around. No question these add-ons save lives. A few, like the mandatory seatbelt snap "feature" before being able to start the vehicle, didn't last long, thank...
  9. Must have gold-plated knobs!
  10. Just how fast have you driven?

    No long explanations are necessary, but honesty is key. So hit away! For me, it was 167 MPH in a modified Merkur. Speed checked with B&L SpeedGun.
  11. Red Neck Drilling

    Here is the correct way to install a light bar.
  12. Replacement turbo ducts

    Has anyone here installed these pipes?
  13. Question for those who have installed a boost gauge

    I'm curious about the boost pressures, both tuned and untuned, folks are seeing? I have the Ford tune, and under ideal conditions, with the traction control off (yes it makes a difference), and depending on the gear, the max boost is just over 20 psi. For those who want to know, the...
  14. Don't do that!

    I see a lot of wiring mods here on 5G. Far too many use common, vinyl electrical tape. Don't do that! As good as 3M 88 Vinyl tape (et. al.) is, it is not meant to withstand the high interior temperatures often seen in vehicles left out in the out-of-doors. If you can't find polyolefin...
  15. Automating side windows

    Some one here posted a device which automated the side windows. I've searched several times, but can't find it. If you know, please repost it.
  16. Boost Pressure

    I don't know how many folks have taken the time to install a boost gauge on their Ranger. Those who have, I'd like some comments from. I'm seeing max boost at about 22 psi (I have the Ford Performance tune), but typically at lower ambient temperatures—say between 50° to about 75° or so. My...
  17. Ford Performance Calibration

    This is a bit windy, but bear with me. I bought my 2019 Ranger XLT on May 22, 2020. A decent trade in allowance, and a discount for the 2019 model year, sealed the deal from me. About a week later, I found one of Ford’s marketed exhaust systems, as made by Borla, and got it installed. I also...
  18. Wiring Issues, for what is is worth

    I have had my new Ranger for about 3 weeks. Everywhere I've searched, no one really had an easy way to locate a switched power source. Except that is, for "cutting into" existing wiring, which you don't want to do! Perhaps they didn't look hard enough, or ran into the same issue I did. There...