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  1. Tremors and high octane fuel

    It makes a difference when you run your numbers, when they switch to Winter Blend at your gas station in your part of the country (around Nov. here), I lose 1 mpg anyway.... and gain it back in the summer My average driving habits are about the same city/hwy/towing every month so that is how I...
  2. Reset BMS ?

    Letting it sit over night, it should do a recheck on its own SOC if it starts and charges 13.1v plus you should be ok ...
  3. APIM Module Replacement

    Is it done? Does it work? How much did you save :)
  4. Sync3 Problems

    I have a 2021 Ranger and use Android Auto, both on cable and Bluetooth stream and do not have any issues
  5. Saxom's Night Ranger

    Its the Cult of Ranger LOL keeping up with these Ranger guys aint gonna be cheap :)
  6. Sync3

    I use Android auto both cable and BT and love it, never had an issue, works good with the app and its pretty much CD quality ... and since I am youtube Premium for going on 10 years now "No Ads" in my music or any videos I watch, I am a heavy Y/T user I have in the past also used...
  7. Instant Mileage - How accurate?

    I use one of my Trips I reset it once a month so it averages for the miles gone, last month 2400 and averaged 20.2 that is across City/Hwy/Towing around N.Y hills and once and a while beating on it
  8. Battery, BMS , charging questions?

    more than once my Son has drawn mine down, he sits in my truck and does his Homework after school plays the radio and has the dome lights on, in the winter I put a battery Tender on it at least once a week, it wont get above 35F hear in N.Y until Apr.
  9. Anyone ever considered a pedal switch for lighting?

    its barbaric that in this day we cant just say Google turn on daylight mode, a manual switch is so late 1900s LOL I cant even talk about google to a friend without her replying ....
  10. Faulty Rear Door

    something like the seat belt in the way, or.. is the body twisted from an accident?
  11. Anyone ever considered a pedal switch for lighting?

    I would have always had them on their own switch? ....
  12. 2020, RC 2.5" Level Kit, 285/70r17 BFG KO2s

    I have an RC lift running 285/70 no rub, still have my crash bars
  13. Westin Outlaw Bumper Rust

    I would take it to a local paint shop and have them "Powder Coat" it, that wont happen again they bake that on!
  14. should I use my parking brake?

    I almost never use mine, maybe if I have a trailer on that has some weight to it ...
  15. Winter tires

    I have Ridge Grappler 285/70 with no spacers and I am fine, and I have my crash bars too
  16. Annoying, annoying, annoying, RATS!!

    Left Coast, probably Vegan and like the Soy coating on the wires, the good news because they are vegan they are weak in body and mind, and we know they are not Armed LOL and easier to deal with than our N.Y rats that will kill you for a bite of a hamburger .... I also have a Ford 8N Farm...
  17. No more radio

    I heard that too a few weeks ago
  18. No more radio

    it comes in a whole upgrade kit for $189 just toss the rest of the kit in the trash
  19. Scout Camper in Sedona

    Thats what I was thinking too, god I have had more scrap metal in the bed than that
  20. Your Ford Ranger Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

    I live in a boarder city to PA (Binghamton, N.Y) we all go to PA for Gas and Cigsfor a 2 mile drive, I save $5 Per Pack! gas is only a dime cheaper? but out of spite I will fill up and save another $2 LOL