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  1. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    What deep pan are you referencing? My old style PPE deep pan documentation states 1.75 quarts additional capacity. Not sure about the new style PPE pan or the competition.
  2. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    Not necessarily, I suspect expansion rates differ by diameter and hose composition. And it takes a great deal of time to determine that expansion rate. Multiple testing cycles, both hot and cold, promptly removing, measuring, and installing both dipsticks during each cycle. Cold cycle easy...
  3. Battery, BMS , charging questions?

    I had ASS disabled via the module that remembered the last switch setting of the ASS button. It does not interfere with any system, it simply presses the button for you at each start of the engine. I still had low battery warning come on. I charged the battery, pulled the BMS plug at the...
  4. Battery, BMS , charging questions?

    A healthy battery. And no ASS...
  5. Mishimoto/PPE trans pan comparison

    My 10R80 runs great in the winter, but come summer it is seriously bipolar! My hydraulic hoses for my Bendpak lift finally arrived and they will be going on shortly. First up is change the oil in the CX-5, then it is PPE transmission pan replacement time with new ULV and fliter.
  6. Battery, BMS , charging questions?

    If you don't have or don't want to use Forscan to set battery charge rates to insure long battery life, simply unplug the BMS sensor on the negative battery terminal, charge the battery and forget about it. 11.5V doesn't necessarily indicate a bad battery, just a poorly managed battery being...
  7. Mishimoto/PPE trans pan comparison

    Added the PPE Deep Pan PPE Deep Pan PPE Deep Pan
  8. Maximizing Battery Life

    Bump your SOC to 95% or even 100%. I've been at 95% for a while and I am going to 100% very soon. As soon as my company leaves this Sunday. I see the same high charge voltages in colder weather in both the 2005 Ranger as in the 2020 Ranger. I went out and started the 2005 Ranger a few days...
  9. What are some reliable, practical 2nd vehicle options?

    I like the Mazda CX-5 The mid teens up to 2017 are very good. I love my 2023! My Father-in-law has been driving a 2016 that he purchased with 40K miles on it for about 4 years now. No trouble at all with 160K on the clock.
  10. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    After the USA successfully landed on the moon, another wanna be competitor decided to enter the space race. They contacted NASA and explained their plans and ambitions, stating that since the USA landed on the moon, they were going to one up us... they planned to launch a mission to land on...
  11. My headlights suck

    Are these the same H11 bulbs, simply labeled for fog lights?
  12. Anyone ever considered a pedal switch for lighting?

    I loved the high beams on the floor board - freed up the hands. But I never lived in the salt laden highways of the frigid north country.
  13. Some electrical problems

    I feel like the modern DIYer or Mechanic needs the skills of a network / computer tech and a network sniffer. It is now as much (or more) about Software/Firmware than Hardware. Brings back memories of dinking with the Window Registry. I dumped Windoz 13 years ago for Linux Mint and haven't...
  14. Anyone ever considered a pedal switch for lighting?

    I generally like the auto hi/low beam. I wish Ford had the low end speed setting at 20mph instead of 30mph. The Mazda version is slightly more robust / accurate at reading traffic vs still lights or red reflectors, and they come on at 20mph. Driving through rural neighborhoods at 25 with...
  15. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    I actually prefer the larger diameter, more surface contact area. But then I'm a known black sheep! That is a large socket, but I own those larger sizes. Axles, diffs, crank vibration dampers, tractors, etc... Don't use them a lot, but when you need one you need one!
  16. Maximizing Battery Life

    It goes into desulfate mode automatically and will stay in it after the battery is fully charged. It tests the battery state before doing anything, and when it begins charging it will also enter desulfate mode. IOW, if it is charging it is going to be desulfating. After completion of charging...
  17. Some electrical problems

    Check your grounds! ALL of them. Here's a couple of short articles with a few examples of what I am talking about. Digital systems don't like different ground plane variances. They cause...
  18. Maximizing Battery Life

    I have a "powerful" (one paper) Schumacher and absolutely hate it. It simply fails me all the time. Its extremely small noisy high speed fan went out in the first year. I expanded the fan opening and replaced with a 2x larger lower rpm fan that moved more air. I added a larger heat sink to...
  19. Looks like the Ranger gets parked for a while...

    I'm 6 months into my recovery and my left leg still swells up by evening. The last of the hematoma is finally close to being fully absorbed. I feel your pain . Get well soon. Puzzles do help. But you are going to get very restless due to needing to stay off your feet.
  20. Portable Jump Starters

    I have the Audew battery jump starter in each of my cars, but I still carry a high quality jumper cable I made 35 years ago in my 2005 Ranger. Just in case. Old habits die hard!