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  1. Auto start/stop feature elimination for free?

    Has anyone else done this? Something tells me this impacts the charging system. All he's doing is unplugging a sensor off the negative side, but if it's the battery monitor, it could be full fielding the alternator and an AGM battery hates that.
  2. My research into the 10R80 shift strategy

    The Transmission shift strategy on these things is mind bending. The "D" clutch is engaged in P, R,1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10. Where the problem lies is in its oncoming clutch responsibilities when engaged in 6th gear as the oncoming clutch. If the 10R80 transmission had evil twin redheaded...
  3. Manual trans?

    Has anyone put a manual trans in a 5G ranger? Seems like this EcoBoost engine with a decent 5-6 speed manual in it would be fantastic. No idiotic transmission programming or host of other electronic misery to go along with...Even just a Standard T5 would be nice. Plenty strong enough.
  4. TPMS not registering any of the pressures. BCM/RTM not communicating?

    I've tried to retrain the sensors a couple times, then sent it to the dealer to get sorted but I needed the truck and had to snatch it back. The dealer said it had some BCM trouble codes, but didn't diagnose further. The RTM seems to be working as the key, remote start etc all seem to work. One...