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  1. Injectors

    Who actually has upgraded their injectors? I maxed out my stock ones and need to get bigger ones. I understand that my HPFP and in tank pump are also near their limit but for now I’m just looking to change injectors. Does anyone have real experience on a Ranger? I’m seeing that the factory Focus...
  2. Turbo upgrade

    So I put my Fast Mavericks upgraded turbo on this evening. Definitely a different driving experience than before. It is really strong and I haven’t even floored it yet. It makes a lot of turbo noises too, especially with my intake on it. Gotta look at data tomorrow and see about a tune revision...
  3. 5w50 Motorcraft oil change

    It’s oil change time and I’ve decided to do something different. It’s factory oil for the RS and HPP Mustang so I’m gonna try it in my truck that doesn’t do truck things.
  4. How about dyno stuff for the YAYSAYERS!😉

    I was digging through some dyno pictures yesterday and had decent comparison of my truck while we were developing the tune. This is my personal truck that we use for product R&D. In this particular case it is equipped as follows; 2021 FX4 Lariat Black pack on 285/65/18 Ridge Grapplers, 93 octane...
  5. Some dyno results for the naysayers.

    Thought I’d show everyone a quick comparison of a couple parts vs stock on an UNTUNED truck. We did this last year but the topic comes up in the Facebook performance group rather violently so I wanted to share some information. This is a 2019 XLT sport, with wheels and tires, 93 octane, stock...
  6. Look, I made a huge HAI

    Decided that I liked my Injen hot air intake a lot but it wasn’t quite how I wanted it so….. I made my very own HAI whale dick edition. It’s all 4” mandrel bent aluminum with an aluminum heat shield. Been driving around all day and the IAT was really good, better than Injen but obviously not as...
  7. Flat blue intake?

    Finally got around to getting the crappy finish stripped off my Injen intake. Had both pipes powder coated Illusion lite blue and top coated with Phantom clear. I’m pretty happy with it for now.
  8. Painted fender vents

    I disassembled my vents and had them repainted. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.
  9. Here’s my truck!

    Hello, I’m a new member here but have been on the Facebook groups for a while now. My 21 Lariat Fx4 black pack with a couple modifications.