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  1. Defrost lines damage by scotch tape?

    I just discovered my rear defrost lines are damaged on the passenger side. This is the spot where the dealer taped the 30 day tag on when I bought out my lease. I haven't used the defroster since April so I didn't notice till now. Can defrost lines be repaired or will the entire window need...
  2. Adding Sub advice

    Can anyone look over my build and tell me if it looks correct? I'm looking to add a sub to my truck. I have the non premium 8" system. I already have an amp and a sub from a previous vehicle. Pretty much all I need is a way to connect my amp. The amp can do speaker level over RCA. So all I...
  3. Dealer claims I can put in an order for 2024 ?

    Dealer I leased my truck from claims I can order a 2024(New Ranger) today. I don't buy it. I know they want my lease. I told them a couple weeks ago I wasn't interested in anything but maybe a 6G. Just looking for confirmation they are full of shit
  4. Lariat DRL technical question

    Does anyone know how the LED strip DRL on the Lariat headlights switch between bright and dim mode? I bought a used set and the bright mode that comes on during the day doesn't work anymore. The dim mode works though. It's a massive project to get the headlight off to check internal wiring so...
  5. intermittent brake lights

    Anyone have problems with their brake lights? I have an XLT with LED units. I had a lady wave me down about a month ago and tell me they weren't working. When I stopped and checked they worked. Now today I park and a cop tells me the same thing. I fired up the truck and sure enough they aren't...
  6. Aftermarket wheels gallery

    I wanted to start a gallery to collect pictures of how the different aftermarket wheels look on our trucks. Rules: 1. Installed Aftermarket wheels only please. OEM wheels from a different vehicle allowed(IE: Bronco wheels on a Ranger) 2. List brand name, model name and specs EDIT: Here's my...
  7. Ohio Sold: WTS: Wolfhaus bed harness

    I have a Wolfhaus bed power pigtail for sale. I used it for a short time then upgraded to his new split harness. It's in Perfect condition. These sells for $30 plus shipping new. I'm asking $25 shipping included. OBO.
  8. Name change?

    EDIT: Issue solved Is it possible to get your username change? I spelled my own last name wrong when making mine ? must not have had enough coffee the day I made it
  9. Ohio Sold: Factory exhaust near NW Ohio

    Looking for a cheap factory exhaust. Must be near NW Ohio. I Only need from the muffler back. I'm looking to do a cheap skate DIY exhaust and I can't hack up mine since it's a lease. Probably a long shot but let me know if you have one, your asking price and location.
  10. Ohio (WTB) Raptor grill

    I'm looking to buy a knockoff Raptor grill. Just thought I would ask before I buy a new one.