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  1. Weird stuff with music on USB

    First thing I tried. Once I looked at the metadata I found the smoking gun. I did send up having to do that once I got everything "fixed".
  2. Weird stuff with music on USB

    I'll have to try and remember that one. Who knows what will happen as I add to the stick.
  3. Weird stuff with music on USB

    I do appreciate all the ideas folks! Hopefully this will help out some others in the future.
  4. Weird stuff with music on USB

    Though about that. Not likely a lesser known artist in this case. Rush has been around for a bit...
  5. Weird stuff with music on USB

    You were sort of right. It was displaying the metadata of the files instead of the file name. Once I changed all the metadata in the folder, the folder then displayed correctly. A little weird, but it worked. Thank goodness that I could change the files in bulk rather than one by one!!
  6. Weird stuff with music on USB

    Damn it. Its the metadata. Now I have to figure out how to change it.
  7. Weird stuff with music on USB

    That's a distinct possibility. Forgot about that. I'll have to take a peek and see what I find.
  8. Weird stuff with music on USB

    Bunch of music loaded on my USB. I did some cleaning up on the album titles ( so that everything is near the same format ) and dealt with a few spelling mistakes. Here's the weird part. The changed don't show up in the Ranger. All I did was edit the album title and corrected the spelling of...
  9. In between my cab and truck bed.

    Looked at mine closer. Yup. Same goopy mess.
  10. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Candle wax. Not kidding. Heat up the area and touch a candle to it. Let the wax flow into the area like you're soldering copper plumbing. The wax will wick into the threads. Highly recommend unscented candles unless you really like that sort of thing. I used the wax trick on really...
  11. In between my cab and truck bed.

    To me, it looks like that rubber piece that goes between the cab and the box, but it's all balled up and out of place. Mine wasn't installed correctly. It was all twisted up and it took a while to get it sitting correctly. It took a lot of silicone spray and creativity to get it untwisted...
  12. Led Headlight bulbs

    Sorry for the really late reply, but I seem to recall there was a plastic bit between the crash bar and the fender liner. It's been a while so I'll have to look. It's going to be a bit though.
  13. How to prepare for winter?

    After you brush of the snow, clean off your snowbrush. Then it won't be all crusty if you need it later in the day. I also put mine on the passenger side floor, bristles up tucked under the dash. Melts all the remaining snow out while you drive. One more good one: keep your floor mats dry...
  14. Led Headlight bulbs

    Just an FYI, I changed the first post to a WIKI post. I figured one day, I'll either forget about adding stuff to the list or just get lazy and not do it. The only thing I ask is that you keep the formatting the same. It'll make life easier for everyone. If I get the time, I'll go back a few...
  15. Is there a way to keep cruise control on when you first start up your truck?

    My Colorado doesn't require a reset and the cruise buttons are on the steering wheel.
  16. Ranger Vs. GMC Canyon

    One more thing to add: Bed size. With the GM twins, you can get a 6'2" with a crew cab. The only way to get a long box with a Ranger is to get the extended cab. I guess the point is, I don't think either truck is far superior to the other. They both do the same job, but a little differently...
  17. Ranger Vs. GMC Canyon

    The transmissions issues in the Gm twins are pretty much solved. All it took was a fluid change. There are a few folks that have the shudder problem persist, but that's rare and they needed a torque converter. As far as interiors go, there's good and bad with both. I like my Colorado's...
  18. Collision Avoidance needs to add deer detection

    Worst I saw was a transport vs black bear. The bear exploded. Not a pretty sight.
  19. Disable TPMS Light?

    That's the first time I have ever heard of a vehicle doing that. Good to know. Maybe next set of tires I'll invest in the sensors.
  20. Disable TPMS Light?

    Sometimes. My bill was $950 for 4 winter tires and plain steel rims. So another $208+tax for sensors and then I gotta make them work.