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  1. Colorado WTS: OEM Bed Mat, BuiltRight Molle System, Mountains2Metal Grille, Retractable Tonneau Cover

    interested in just the passenger side Molle panels if you’re willing to split up.
  2. Colorado Built Right Industries bed side racks - $350

    If the deal falls through I’m interested in the passenger side
  3. Grind noise heard on engine and felt at gas pedal on initial acceleration

    I knew if I searched “grinding when turning right” I’d find some shit. Definitely a noticeable and disturbing feeling when it does this. Seems to happen most coming out of driveways or changing streets with a transition in the road. Guess I’ll have to calm down on the gas ⛽️ whenI’m turning.
  4. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Any discount codes for the Ford Ranger tune M-9603-REB? Thank you Daniel
  5. Utah Rocky Road Outfitters Rock Sliders

    I appreciate it. I've been working on the I-15 right there in Clearfield and will be up there to finish up hopefully soonish.
  6. Utah Rocky Road Outfitters Rock Sliders

    nice! I’m Utah would you make me a bracket? I’ll pay you. I like how yours sit recessed andeven with the ACC bracket.
  7. Utah Rocky Road Outfitters Rock Sliders

    I’d like to know about the lights in your grill next to your adaptive cruise control sensor. Who makes em how’d you mount them? Size etc more pics? Thanks
  8. Utah WTS: Front Bumper w/sensors Magnetic

    Price Drop $200 includes the lower balance and the Gravel Guards. Someone get this out my house
  9. Utah WTS: Front Bumper w/sensors Magnetic

    Selling the front bumper off my 2020 Ranger. It has Sensor Holes. It’s Magnetic in color. Includes everything but the wire harness and sensors themselves. Asking $300 OBO. See pics what you see is what it is.
  10. Utah Sold: WTS: FX4 OEM Skid Plate

    Looking for a FX4 Skid Plate? I got this one just hanging out doing fuck all. $200 OBO and it’s yours. Local pickup as it’s heavy and awkward.
  11. Utah WTB: Black Front bumper w/sensors

    As it says looking for a Black, preferably shadow black, Front bumper with sensor hole cut outs. I’m in SLC, UT but will drive within reason. Anywhere from SLC to Corona,Ca would be idea. Thanks
  12. Canada WTB - Tremor Flares

    you’re gonna have a hard time finding Tremor Flares used in good condition. They’re mounted with clips and are almost guaranteed to break when removing. as pointed out above you can get a full set from Levittown Ford for $276+shipping. Benny in the Levittown thread. An get you a code to help on...
  13. 2019-2022 Ranger Ford Performance Off-Road Bumper M-17757-R1F

    not really true. This article from 2020 says it will retain the holes and such for parking sensors. I guess they dropped it for some reason.
  14. Diode Dynamics: Lots in stock!

    Any sales coming up on Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro in yellow with the amber backlight? Also looking for some led cargo and 3rd brake light.
  15. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Benny, looking to order a set of flares M-19008-RT any code would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Passive Entry

    You are the best! This fixed my issue with my passive unlocking/locking. A 10mm wrench now lives in my center console. Thanks again
  17. FORScan Modifications

    Anyone on here been able to turn on “Bambi mode” with a Lariat edition? I enabled it in Forscan but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there another setting that I need to change? I did get the DRL w/park lights to work. Thanks
  18. Painting or Vinyl Wrapping the Front Bumper Valence?

    You’re awesome thank you so much!