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  1. 23 Aussie Ranger v 79 Toyota Landcruiser

    Mildly interesting if you're bored
  2. 20,000 Mile Service question

    When I called to book at the dealer the lady said "you can just go to Quick Lane". Despite my efforts to explain otherwise, I get the impression I'm down as an "oil change" rather than all the stuff they're supposed to check at 20k. I'm no mechanic so have no way of knowing if they've done what...
  3. BDS 2" Level Kit with Fox 2.0 Shocks

    This is $429 and judging by the picture appears to come with front and rear Fox shocks. That's not right, is it?
  4. Removing paint scuff from rear fender

    Tapped a wall while reversing (not a car I promise!) and white paint scuff mark on rear fender - any tips for removal?
  5. Line-X Eclipse Tonneau

    These are expensive but I'm considering taking the plunge. I like the fabric look rather than vinyl. Just wondering if anyone has one and has any good/bad feedback?
  6. Any recommendations for tire and wheel package sellers?

    Apart from Discount Tire, Les Schwab and Stage 3 are there any other retailers I should be taking a look at?
  7. Ranger Ambulance

  8. Why order an FX4 package after reading this forum?

    Not trying to be a dick, just curious why someone would pay more for this despite, it seems, a lot of FX4 owners on here immediately paying $500-2000 to swap out/upgrade the suspension.
  9. Line-X Tonneau

    Anyone had the deluxe roll-up tonneau installed? Just looking to see if it's decent or not. Cheers.
  10. Off topic, but what do you think of the new Vintage Broncos?

    Personally, I think they're great. I like that the fact they're basically admitting that classic designs never die. I expect even if you have the $$$ then getting hold of one will be challenging.
  11. Quick question: sandbags behind cab or over rear wheels?

    Thank ye in advance
  12. Noob question don’t laugh

    The clutch fluid is leaking in our Mazda B Series. It’s done 100,000 miles and I read it probably needs new master slave thing which I can’t afford right now. Anyhow I’ve got this clutch fluid that stops leaks and just want to double check I’m putting it in the right place. Is this where it...
  13. Ford Pass update has killed it

    Told me to update a couple of days ago and now nothing works, remote start, tire pressure monitoring, oil life etc and I get an annoying message every time I open it asking me to share driving data - anyone else experiencing issues?
  14. Challenge for Ford Truck history experts

    Hello, my partner is an Archaeologist and is struggling to track down which year/what Ford vehicle this lighting switch is from. The etched words say "BAT/DIM/OFF/ON/MAG and there's a Ford logo beneath. Thanks in advance.
  15. LOL

  16. Supercab in Forest Green

    Didn't think these existed.
  17. Shared from Reddit lol

  18. Dealer installing product bought from third-party question.

    I'd like to get the Fox/Ford suspension installed by dealer so I get the warranty. Has anyone had their dealer install this but they've bought it elsewhere? If I get the part through Ford it's $1600 but here, for example, it's just under $1300...
  19. Long shot - anyone have Fifteen52 Analog HD wheels?

    Thinking about putting these grey ones on a Cactus Grey Ranger but wondered if anyone has either these or the black ones? Liking the old school look...
  20. Mouse Attack

    Popped the hood to admire my complimentary struts :) and some little bastard has been chewing away at it. Checked all the wiring and it seems okay, truck runs fine. My 10,000 mile service is coming up soon, anything I should ask for/request/point out?