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  1. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    Mine arrived today. Was there when I got home from my second cataract surgery. With this and problems with the first eye done it will be sitting in the box for a couple weeks. Then hopefully I can get some good pics.
  2. Tailgating

    Back when Bud Light was popular :shock:.
  3. EV Sales

    Just toss them in the river when they burn Oops missed
  4. What are you feeding your Ranger owner tonight?

    Beautiful job. Is that building on the water?
  5. What are you feeding your Ranger owner tonight?

    Don't worry I'll clean up my mess before I leave. The burn mark on the floor should buff out. Solaris from Brazil
  6. What are you feeding your Ranger owner tonight?

    First loaf of home ground Red Winter Wheat bread. Unbelievable the difference in flavor using fresh ground wheat. This new hobby is going to make me even fatter.
  7. Yet another 10 speed joy

    It's scary how software could do something that evil without some kind of mechanical interlock.
  8. What are you feeding your Ranger owner tonight?

    Bring bacon and you are in :like:. We survived 9 months of the pandemic basically shopping in our root cellar. Actually we have enjoyed the garden year round by preserving what we grow for many years now. The zombie climate activist apocalypse has already begun :ninja:.
  9. What are you feeding your Ranger owner tonight?

    Sauce. Backlogged with about 200 pounds of tomatoes so got out my squeezomatic and pureed about 8 1/2 gallons of them. Cooking down and adding the rest of the ingredients for a garlic basil sauce I'm going to can. Soooo good when you mix paste, plum, black, cherry, and principle tomatoes in a...
  10. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    So is my woodstove and gas stove. I now have an extra of each. We are lucky to have a great Sheriff that won't enforce the unconstitutional laws the governor makes up. But the State police are pricks about the governor's dreams. Made a mistake staying in NY to retire.
  11. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I have no idea I knew nothing about it before I got an email. Got an email from my state senator about this. Apparently there is no way to stop something like this from passing with the idiot NYC liberal democrats controlling the entire state. She is bringing forth a bill to make the ammo seller...
  12. I might got myself a Raptor, kind of accidentally

    That thing looks like a Maverick front end. Didn't take long for Ford to destroy the 5g unique look. Maybe they should rename it the F150 sport or Maverick Big Bend.
  13. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    NY background check to buy ammo starts soon. You will be responsible to pay the background check fee. Stock up now if you're in NY.
  14. I might got myself a Raptor, kind of accidentally

    I think you have made up your mind. Enjoy it :turkey:
  15. Rear Ride height a Design defect caught tooo late?

    3 bags of sand, problem solved for under $10. Move on.
  16. My beans are NOT Italian!

    The picture of the Amish boy on the front is a dead giveaway :rolleyes:.
  17. Hope all our members if Florida are safe

    Praying for all the people in Florida affected by this powerful hurricane. Hope all our members are safe from its wrath.
  18. Beautiful Pictures

    We have one in our yard quite often. It's a country red fox that only eats critters and stray neighbors chickens. Garbage eating city foxes shouldn't be tolerated :bandit:.
  19. Beautiful Pictures

    I bought 2 funky gourds last year and saved the seeds. Couldn't believe the variation of colors from the 2 originals that were basically shades of green.
  20. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    I bought the older one for that reason. Apparently the relay is the weak link in this type of product. The newer one can be dissambled and have a new realy soldered in but it's not easy to find a relay that fits I have heard. Used mine the other day to get my generator started and boy are they...