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  1. North Carolina Livernois mycalibrator

    I have a used livernois mycalibrator for sale. Sold my Ranger a while back and just found this in my closet. $250 shipped, you’ll just have to call Livernois to have it unlocked for your truck. I can also meet locally if located in the Raleigh, NC area.
  2. 33s...would you do it again?

    Hello everyone, I am ordering new tires this week. I currently have 265/70R17 (31.6”) and have been happy with a mpg/performance aspect, but like the looks of the 285/70R17 (32.8”) tires. For those who have 33s, would you do it again? Mpg isn’t much of a concern, but the performance of this...
  3. Opinion on Open Country A/T3?

    Hello everyone, I currently am riding on 265/70R17 ridge grapplers and cannot stand them. The vibrations I get on the highway are so bad when people are with me they ask me what the hell is wrong with my truck. I have tried all ranges of tire pressures and have had them traditionally and road...
  4. Rear leaf springs for 2wd?

    Does anyone know of any rear leaf spring upgrades that work on a 2wd? The OME and ICON kits I’ve found say they are for 4wd and stage3 says they can’t confirm if any will work on 2wd. I permanently keep a couple hundred pounds of gear in the bed of the truck and the factory leaf springs have...
  5. Triangle Area (NC) roof rack installers?

    Hey everyone, I am looking to purchase a Prinsu roof rack in the near future and am likely not going to undergo that install myself. Given the nature of drilling holes in the roof, I don’t want to trust it to any old shop that says they can throw it on. Does anyone know of a trusted installer in...
  6. For Sale - ICON Rebound Wheels - 17x8.5

    Selling four ICON rebound wheels (bronze) for the 2019 Ford Ranger. Built specifically with a 93.1mm hub for the Ford Ranger. $500 - will travel within reason for pickup, located in the Raleigh, NC area. Willing to ship if buyer covers cost...
  7. 18” Lariat Wheels/Tires $100

    I have a set of factory 18” Lariat wheels/tires with 10k miles on them. Located in Tallahassee Florida, $100 just need them picked up.
  8. Unopened AFE Catted Downpipe For Sale

    I have an unopened AFE catted downpipe for sale, $500 shipped. Bought it before putting on my catback exhaust and don’t really want to go any louder. Feel free to PM me if interested.
  9. Catted downpipe - tune required?

    So I’m thinking of pulling the trigger today on the AFE catted downpipe and wanted to hear if you guys had any experience with this, is a tune required? Aside from the CEL for the 02 censor, I’ll be getting a defaulter for that, but I have Buddies that have said when they did this to their cars...
  10. ACC Sensor Removal

    Hey everyone, Through the settings I have disabled all ACC settings and would like to place a light bar where the sensor currently sits. Trying to avoid the extra cost of a relocation bracket and the finicky-ness that may follow that, does anyone know if I were to mount something right in front...
  11. WTS - Tallahassee - Free drop in bed liner

    Located in Tallahassee, Florida. Not looking to charge for the drop in bed liner, just need it picked up.
  12. Florida Sold: WTS - Tallahassee - Free drop in bed liner

    Located in Tallahassee, Florida. Not looking to charge anything for it, just need it picked up.
  13. Get home bag?

    Hey guys, does anyone here keep a get home bag in their truck? I am often out at a gun range until sundown 25 miles from my home, about 10 of which are out into the woods. I know it’s a new truck, but anything could happen and have been recently thinking about the day I hop in my truck and it...
  14. Any alignment issues with coilovers?

    Hey guys, looking into Icon coilovers to level everything out and have read around that at a certain point alignment issues may come into play. Just wanted to see if anyone with coils has had any issues getting within alignment specs after adding a couple inches to the front, and if UCAs would...