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  1. Ranger will not start.

    Checking brake light function is a good starting point . In order for the truck to start and not go into accessory mode, it has to get the signal that the brake pedal is pressed. That same brake switch under the dash should be the one activating the rear brake lights.
  2. Blackstone UOA results on factory 9-10k mile OCI

    It is odd that just the potassium level was elevated. I think your approach is solid though. Would be interesting to get prior service history on it to know if any work had been done in conjunction with the prior oil change. It could be as simple as the tech used the same funnel they used for...
  3. What are some reliable, practical 2nd vehicle options?

    Great idea on checking the insurance costs. I got a wild hair a few years ago and decided I wanted a Honda Civic EX 4door for a commuter car. Luckily I checked on the insurance as it was ridiculous. The yearly premium on the new Civic was almost double what a new ZR1 Corvette would have been...
  4. Blackstone UOA results on factory 9-10k mile OCI

    Hmm, I doubt the numbers are being affected by the fuel additive. The potassium level increase is generally associated with coolant mixing in the oil. Appears you should be under powertrain warranty still, so that is good.
  5. What are some reliable, practical 2nd vehicle options?

    I'd avoid anything with a cvt transmission. Even Toyota has had issues on those. If you could find a late model Corolla with the manual transmission, that should go to 300k miles.
  6. Official: 2024 Tacoma Pricing and MPG Revealed + First Reviews

    Seems as though they have same hp and torque numbers as the Ranger with a little better combined mpg for the non hybrid. The Ranger Tremor mpg was rated 19city/19hwy.
  7. New Taco review

    One thing is a given, Toyota will continue to lead the sales charts with the Tacoma if history is an indicator.
  8. Heat Not Working in Automatic

    As a 2021 owner, I can confirm that the auto mode in heat times uses minimal fan speed and splits air between the window defrost vents and the floor vents. Turn up to max temp and it increases fan speed to max and uses defrost, dash and floor vents at the same time.
  9. Heat Not Working in Automatic

    Either run the temp up to max in auto mode or switch to manual mode. Either of those will get it to use the other vents.
  10. RB20 installation - what am I missing?

    Looks like you are missing the pieces that go in the channel.
  11. Stolen tail lights

    I agree with your perspective on that. Until something like that is available, a simple flat plate with two screw holes and a hole cut for the key lock cylinder to engage the power lock mechanism would prevent the success of the theft in most cases. If they can access the inspection panel...
  12. Re-gear to 4:70’s completed - First Impressions

    I suspect ring gear outer diameter since one axle is a M190 and the larger is M210. Basically a 7.48" ring versus a 8.26" ring.
  13. Stolen tail lights

    Those actually look pretty good and since they don't have an outward indication that they are Bliss equipped, a smart thief might walk on by.
  14. Stolen tail lights

    That is definitely one way to do it. You could drill a hole through that piece to accommodate the key lock cylinder function and still prevent the screwdriver move from reaching the goodies. The idea I have is a bit more simple, but I need to get a prototype built to verify functionality.
  15. Stolen tail lights

    I pulled the inspection panel to see what might work and I have a simple idea, just need to find a thin piece of aluminum to prototype it.
  16. Stolen tail lights

    Learned long ago in my convertible sports car phase that thieves will be thieves. I left my doors unlocked to prevent the knife to the soft top. Never worked, soft tops cut twice with doors unlocked.
  17. Stolen tail lights

    I'm going to have to peek inside the tailgate and see if there is a simple way to add a security plate behind the handle to prevent the screwdriver technique.
  18. 24 mustang 2.3 spark plugs different then the ranger

    Aluminum valve cover as well. What work you doing on the 24 Mustang? Curiosity is peaked a bit.
  19. Kudo's to Discount Tire

    All this talk of tires reminds me I'm going to need a new set of summer tires for my fun car next season. Might pick a set up over the winter so it's ready for spring.