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  1. Neato picture

    Christmas lights still up at the end of January? ? Nice pic, indeed. Enjoy the snow up north!
  2. Rangers in SNOW

    Babysitting adults...damn Doug, you hit it on the head! ? We had 20 "sick calls" today, and it doesn't even snow here. All because of rain and wind. It doesn't help that their union allows them to endlessly bank sick days either. Some guys have well over 400 hours of sick time on the...
  3. Think I Threw a Rod....

    It's called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and has been the solid precedent in the industry for decades. Just like any standard court case, the burden of proof is on the accuser. The dealer/manufacturer has the responsibility of proving that the modification(s) made to the vehicle directly...
  4. Veterans only thread.

    I wouldn't even want to be on a ship/boat. Hard pass to being in the middle of the damn ocean surrounded on all sides by a never ending view of ocean.
  5. How long to allow someone else to drive your Ranger

    My wife drives it sometimes, but only if I'm too tired (or drunk... ? ) to drive. She doesn't pine over driving it so I don't have to worry about her just heading out in it on her own some day. ;)
  6. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Florida sells new vehicles with the plate included?
  7. California Stock crew cab running boards

    Where abouts are you located up here?
  8. Just picked up the Cactus Lariat with Black Appearance. This thing is sharp.

    I really don't want to swap out my 19' so soon, but damn if I don't really love that color! ?
  9. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Asking a question is not an assumption. ? However, if you're suggesting that port injection is superior to direct injection, well that explains why you're okay with purchasing a new truck in the 21st century that still uses drum brakes yet costs over $40,000. Enjoy your Taco.
  10. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Why? Both employ a V6 with less total output and capability than the 2.3T, get worse mileage and still can't tow as much and have lower cargo capacities. Not to mention that Toyota still thinks drum brakes are acceptable in a modern pickup truck and Nissan hasn't updated the Frontier since...
  11. Veterans only thread.

    I got to check one out once. It's way roomier than the movies and TV make it seem. Still tight quarters, but I could see how one could tolerate it just fine. A buddy of mine was a cook on subs as well and he was telling me they never stayed down more than a few weeks anyway. He said they...
  12. Flat tire and it's really hard to find OEM tires.

    Try Costco? My local store carries the Dueler's in stock sizes and, of course, since it's Costco, if you get a flat and it's repairable, they'll repair it for free. If it's not, they'll pro-rate the new tire charge based on tread depth.
  13. Ford Grumpy at Maverick/Ranger6G Photo Leaks

    Honestly, what's the last mass-produced vehicle that you know of that didn't have photos or drawings "leaked" before the release? This stuff happens for a reason and they're playing into it by talking about it. We're not talking about NDA stuff that is outside of the auto industry. This is...
  14. Things I saw at the dealership today.

    I'd love to know where a dealer sourced those tinted taillights since smoking them is illegal in every state I've lived in (no one cares, of course, but a dealer selling them modified like that...?) and supposedly screws with the BLIS system. If those are factory, where can I send my money?! ?
  15. Service engine light

    Was thinking the same thing.
  16. Lets see your sport package trucks

    A little warm in Vegas, eh? ? Probably for the better anyway. ?