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    For sale 18 in wheels(deluxe) and tires-950 miles 265/60 R18-Bridgestone Dueler - tpms included $450.00 Located in Lewisville Tx. Pick up only
  2. Just installed my dampner

    Am I eligible for the pin,patch,decal,membership card,and T shirt now that this task has been completed???
  3. Dumb Question

    I am not real computer savy.Can someone tell me how to post pictures? Thanx in advance
  4. Lug nut covers

    Anybody used them? What size are they? Where did ya get um? THANX
  5. Texas WTS 2019 Ford ranger black appearance package wheels

    How much would you charge to deliver to Lewisville Tx.I am on oxygen and picking them up would be a real problem.I want them if you can deliver Jack Wilson 972-436-1626
  6. Black Appearance Fender grill / surrounds

    How do you remove the lower valance??
  7. console door

    does anybody know how to take the door off??? THANX
  8. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Where did you get the overlays from??-----------THANX
  9. $70.00 rebate

    I guess I missed the last $70 rebate on Michelin tires.Do you have any idea when the next one will be THANX,Jack
  10. Veterans only thread.

    Another JARHEAD (Sgt E5) 64-67 Boot camp at San Diego,Kaneoe Bay Hawaii,Camp Hanson Okinawa,Hue Phu Bai VietNam,CherryPoint NC.
  11. SHADOW BLACK Ranger Club Thread

    Bombsquadbob, What wheels are on your good lookin truck Jack
  12. Cup holder

    Which CZ is that?I have a 75 Compact that I really like
  13. Help Removing White paint on Black Truck?

    Since you live in TX (hot).You mite try getting some waterless hand cleaner (NO PUMICE).Leave the truck in the hot sun,and smear on the hand cleaner.Let it set for a long time before washing it off. Hope this works for you
  14. Rocker panel protector options

    What color and what brand of paint did you use?
  15. tire pressure monitor

    Can someone tell me the steps to get the tire pressure monitor on the display screen Thank You
  16. lower valance removal

    Are there any detailed instructions on how to remove this.Also,my 2019 Ranger XLT is shadow black with dark grey bumpers,grille and wheelwell trim.Any idea what color these are and is there any spray paint to match, Thanx-Jack
  17. Dean's 3D Printed Ignition Trim Ring Bezel (Build/Buy Thread)

    ordered and received---GREAT product