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  1. Towing with my 2019 Ranger

    I've pulled an almost 6000 lb trailer about 20K miles now. Power will be no problem. Only issue is keeping track of the gas stations as it gets about 10-11 MPG when towing.
  2. New Tires

    Regarding PSI, I would be skeptical of the 40 psi. Per the BF Goodrich website, if the tire size isn't changed, then the pressure will be the same. If the tire size is changed, they ask to call them (877-788-8899 for the correct pressure. I would call, just to be sure.
  3. Phones/Bluetooth

    I had this happen once. Rebooted sync (hold power and skip forward buttons down). After reboot I re-paired and it has worked solid ever since.
  4. Mice

    My truck lives in the garage, as does the bird feed storage hopper. After a week or so of non use, I took the truck out and it had a strange shuffle/rattle in the roof. Appearently some industrous mice decided the area above the roof liner would be a great place to store a bunch of bird seed...
  5. Cruise Control and towing

    25k miles on my truck and about 15k towing. I use ACC as much as I can and I have never experienced this (thank goodness).
  6. Cruise Control and towing

    I use ACC when towing all the time. ACC set to maximum distance and use tow mode. However, I generally drive at 60 so people passing don't sit right in front of me, they move away.
  7. 6464 miles towing 7200lb TT

    Nice write up. As for the lack of upshift at the bottom of the hill, I have found that if I click off Trailer Mode at that point it will upshift sooner. Just press the button for off, then back on shortly after works for me.
  8. Observations From a Trip Towing.....

    I added a rear sway bar (some improvement) and Bilstein shocks on all 4 (huge improvement). Otherwise it's stock.
  9. Observations From a Trip Towing.....

    5,500 lbs is loaded. I figure 150 miles or less between fill ups. That seems to be a safe number.
  10. Observations From a Trip Towing.....

    I am about 3,000 miles into a 6 week trip to tour some of the Nat'l parks. Trailer is 5,500 lbs and the truck has been doing an amazing job. Pull at 60 mph most of the time and get about 10 mpg on average. This drops to 8 at 65 or with a head wind, and bumps to 12 with a tail wind. Went over...
  11. Space ship sound

    Brake fluid flush/replace. Service schedule calls for it to be done every 3 yrs.
  12. Space ship sound

    Will be interesting to see if your sound goes away when you have the brake fluid replaced. Sound is still gone, but truck seems to be running fine. Now about 800 miles into a 3000+ trailer towing trip to Nat'l parks.
  13. Space ship sound

    Since new, the truck has issued a space ship like zing sound when I first open the door. Last week I had the dealer flush and replace the brake fluid. Upon getting the truck back, it no longer makes this sound. Very odd. I hope it doesn't indicate a problem with something the dealer did...
  14. Windy day towing

    If you want to forever end the worry, buy a Hensly hitch. Yes, they aren't cheap, but cheap compared to a wreck. Best decision I have made. No more need for two hands on the wheel in high winds or passing trucks.
  15. Clearview Towing Mirrors

    I really love mine. Best upgrade I have done to the truck, but I do tow a lot.
  16. How many people had to take it back for warranty repairs?

    Got it May 2019. 20,047 miles (about 10,000 towing). Had a recall for a brake light plug, but all was fine. Only actual warranty work done was when the steering wheel came loose. Otherwise, all has been great.
  17. Question about mounting 5g phones in 5g rangers

    Allright, this forum just cost me some more money. Looks worth it though.
  18. How long did your OEM battery last on your 2019 XLT?

    Took delivery in May, 2019. Battery is still working fine, but I have noticed lately that the ASS system doesn't kick in as often (not that this is a bad thing). I suspect this is due to the start of a downward slide of the battery. We'll see.
  19. 2022 Ranger unstable towing

    Buy a Hensley hitch and you will never be concerned with sway again. Best thing I ever did. Now I can drive relaxed even in a strong wind.
  20. What s the most important mod you learned about here?

    Blistein shocks and Clear View mirrors.