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  1. Arizona 17" Sport Rims with O.E. Hankook tires - $400

    I have a set of sport rims from a 2020 Lariat. Tires have maybe 10k miles of life remaining. No curb rash, but there are a few chips.
  2. Gun mount options behind the rear seat?

    If you unlatch the rear seat back, there's two metal pieces bolted onto the rear cab wall that I'm thinking could be used to hang a rifle. Has anyone seen any sweet gun storage projects they can share?
  3. Honda CB

    Hi all, I'm shopping for an older Honda CB. Anyone know of a good Honda motorcycles forum?
  4. 2.5" leveling kit prob on '20 FX4

    I have the front end disassembled and either I'm a simpleton or this part does not fit my truck. I have the 2.5" spacer, went to drop it on the top of the strut assembly and a) there is a small chrome crimped piece blocking the spacer from seating, and b) the holes do not align with the strut...
  5. Tie rod removal

    Finally getting around to installing my Ford ranger lifts 2 1/2 inch leveling kit. I’m stuck on the tie rod removal. Anyone know how to separate the dang tie rod from the spindle? On Robbie‘s video it’s a piece of cake but he does have the aluminum knuckles. I can barely move the spindle...
  6. lost instructions

    Ready to install the 2.5" leveling kit on my 2020 FX4. But I can't find the instructions! Anyone have a copy they can send to me?
  7. Arizona 2020 Ford Ranger Lariat SuperCrew FX4

    Vehicle is posted on OfferUp: Purchased brand new in October 2020. Just turned 10k miles yesterday. Fully optioned out with the 501A package including the Bang & Olufsen sound system, technology package, navigation, and tow package. Factory spray-in bed liner...
  8. Otterbox car mount

    Anyone found a good solution yet for mounting a phone with an Otterbox case? The one they're selling isn't compatible with the Defender case, which is an odd decision since the Defender is probably their most popular product...
  9. Arizona Supercrew floor mats for sale

    Hi, I have a set of black factory carpet floor mats for a Supercrew. Used for just a few weeks before I changed out for a different set. I can meet someone locally in the Mesa AZ area, or ship at your expense. Picture included in the OfferUp listing.
  10. Arizona WTS $50 OEM Ranger SuperCrew Carpet Floor Mats

    I have a set of front and rear carpet mats for the Ranger SuperCrew. I bought the tray liners this week. Truck is two months old and has 2,200 miles. Mats are in great shape, no stains or damage. Asking $50 + shipping. If in AZ I may be able to meet you.
  11. Sync updates for Edge

    Hi all I'm looking for guidance on Sync updates for the wife's 2017 Edge Sport. The car updated via Wifi last night, and the Sync website says: Your SYNC system (SYNC3 v3.0.19205) is up to date. Shouldn't there be an available upgrade to v3.4?
  12. Hey you in Chandler!

    Saw an FX4 Screw in Magnetic w/ the Raptor grill this morning in my 'hood. This is south Chandler/Ocotillo area. Didn't see if it was an XLT or Lariat.
  13. Wildtrak spotting in Bahrain

    On American Alley outside the Naval Base.
  14. Tribute to Phil

    I saw a thread just now with a Phil story. I had to click to an earlier page in the thread and was rewarded with a picture of our Ranger5g HOF-er standing in front of Ford F-150 Nite edition #1. Then the development story. Phil, you're a gem. I have an idea for the mods. What if we created a...
  15. Shattering panoramic sunroof on 2017 Edge

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced this issue. We bought a certified used 2017 Edge Sport w/ 31k miles. My son was driving the other day with the A/C blasting when it was 115+ outside in PHX. Yep the 2020 west coast heat wave is no joke folks. Anyways he decides to open up the...
  16. Ford Protect warranty and maintenance question for the community.

    Hi all I have a question on the Ford Protection plan with maintenance. I've read some threads on here that say you can waive the purchase at the dealer and shop elsewhere for the plan. Thus avoiding the dealer markup. I know you can do this for new vehicles, but what about used? I'm looking at...
  17. New to AZ

    Hi all. I'm moving to Chandler next month. I ordered my truck through Military Auto Source and she will be delivered ~early November to a dealer in Glendale. Looking forward to the meet ups and doing some wheeling! Also, I get heartburn just thinking about trying to get anything done at the...
  18. End of model year rebates

    Does anyone have any thoughts for what we might see Ford offer the next few months? Normally I would say it's a slam dunk but with the production issues this year, I wonder what they will do to try and move the remaining 19 and 20s on the lots. Last month there was only a $1k rebate. As of today...
  19. What happened to the rebates?

    I seem to remember Ford was offering some pretty deep discounts last month. Several thousand off. Now I'm seeing a $1,000 rebate and that's all. What gives?
  20. Invoice price sheet

    I'm starting to shop for my new Ranger and compare prices. I recall seeing someone on here post a price sheet that listed invoice prices and MSRP. Must be some good intel because I can't seem to find it here or in the Google machine. If you have a copy of this, appreciate if you can share. Thanks!