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  1. Fluid Pump for Trans Fluid

    Steve, remember the old style gas hand siphon pumps. Wonder if something like that work since the fluid is so thin. 🤔
  2. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    As Rob stated & I in post 1616 with photo I went thru wheel opening wheels right . I wanted my leverage down low. Short socket on flex head ratchet no extension long leverage bar with bumping motion. Tire stopped my momentum when it broke loose. The rest was easy. :like:
  3. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    Had to rebuild my 57 Ranchero side loader 3 speed(several times long story) putting the last bolt in the side cover I dropped it, bounced once went straight into the speedo hole in the tail shaft. Yep had to tear it back down. Taped the hole after that. Learned early on, if I drop it it can...
  4. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    Here is a photo of what I used. I took the flap loose in the wheel opening made it easyier to get to. I could get better leverage. Yes it was Gorilla tight. Well worth the effort.
  5. Another Ranger gone too soon......

    I think I would use the house for storage & live in the garage. 🤔 :cool:
  6. who dis?

    In Missouri we have a saying for things like this. Hold my beer & hang on. He got er done. :LOL:
  7. #4 plug water deflector

    Something for you to do while you're working on your camper. 👍
  8. #4 plug water deflector

    I presently do not have that issue, but since I recently acquired a piece of material that when I saw it I said this has a purpose. The photos are of the first time just stick it up to get the idea. Much refining to do, but it might work. I think this is how Mike (FitzStick) started. 🤔
  9. My headlights suck

    They ain't seen nothing. Wait till he hits the high beams. :cool:
  10. Booty Fab Ram Air

    Red Green would be proud of you. :like:
  11. Booty Fab Ram Air

    Don't stop now I want to see it installed. :surprised:
  12. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    I don't care about his. I have the Fitzstick installed already. I was just trying to see how everyone is finding out about it that's all.
  13. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    That's my point about ST's stick. His website does not show up. I know that Mikes is not set up yet. Is his just being pushed on FB like Mike's is being pushed on 5g. If I was not on this forum I would not have known about either. 🤔
  14. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    Yes I understand there was a link from this forum, but if I google the aftermarket sticks I do not see it anywhere. So how do others find it?
  15. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    I am not tech savvy but when I do a google search for aftermarket transmission dipsticks the only ones that show up are for Summit Racing which does not apply & B&M which also shows it for the F 150. So how does one find this other sellers website? I can not. I know how I found the Fitzstick...
  16. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    I don't see any recalls coming for this product. 🙂 👍
  17. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Just think, when you can't find your 10mm not a problem now. 👍
  18. Broken Spark Plug, limp mode at 60,391 miles, Sorry, not covered

    Posted this somewhere else, but I have never had a water issue. Maybe some are sealed better than others. Someone needs to make a partial shield to attach to the bottom of the cowl to force the water in a different direction. 🤔
  19. Anybody else experience a fan clutch going bad?

    I'v looked (have not studied it )so I know the basic design, but is there any way to try & get a shot of spray lube in the area of the hub & bearing to see if that helps. 🤔