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  1. Car show walk around, "insiders" talking prices

    Stumbled on this vid today; it's a father-son team who run a website to help people find and buy cars. The father is a 40+ year sales manager and his son I guess builds the tech. I actually was using their 'method' when I bought my truck and they have good info for buyers. Anyway, here it is.
  2. Wife ordered a new ride.

    I haven't been around much lately, but a while back I posted about looking for a new car for my wife. She has had a Volvo XC70 for 20 years. She finally decided she wanted a new car, Hybrid. We went today and drove an Explorer. It was very nice, but it was more SUV/Truck than she wanted...
  3. Sync3 NAV stopped talking to me.

    Did a quick search with no Joy. I don't use nav much, but I noticed the past few times that it stopped talking to me. The settings show it set to voice responce, but it won't talk to me. I feel to ghosted! Anyone else?
  4. First door dent... by my own hand. Sad face

    Had to take a road trip today and forgot to get gas. Stopped, got out carefully knowing that big stupid crash bar thing by the gas pump. Evidently I let the door go and the next thing I know it's bouncing off that metal bar thingie. Mother.....WHAT Add 100 bucks to my road trip cost, cause I...
  5. Truck Ramp? The ramp rack.

    I am not affiliated with this company. Saw it somewhere else, and it looks cool. Not sure they have one for the ranger.
  6. Off Topic. Amish Joy Riding

    Um, I don't know what to say... Amish teenagers gotta have fun too, I guess
  7. Ford quality discussion (not specifically Ranger)

    Here's a video from this father-son team that offers services to help buy cars. They're sort of goofy, but can be interesting at times. The father is a retired sales manager and son is just his son who thought they could make some money peddling the fathers experience. But anyway.
  8. I've strayed, but not gone for good.

    Long story short, I had a Honda foreman ATV. My wife planted the seed that we should get a side by side, so off I went. Forgetting that inventory was going to be low I sold my ATV, but then couldn't find the SxS I wanted, a new Honda pioneer 520. Surprise Surprise. I stumbled onto a 2015...
  9. Nigerian Prince contacted me. Nice knowing you all!

    I'm selling my ATV to upgrade to a SXS, and wouldn't you know it, I am going to strike it rich! I feel so blessed. ---------------------- Yes i will be buying this from you,Please kindly withdraw the advert from this site. My husband will overnight the payment asap but he will be paying with a...
  10. First minor issue, and observations

    Took a road trip today up to our mountain property in West Virginia. Corridor H for those who know the area. The left USB port took a dump, but the right one works. I’ll set up an appointment to get that repaired. Used sport mode in the mountains and it was the bomb. The last few miles we...
  11. Galvanic corrosion protection compound? Same as anti seize?

    As the subject asks, are they the same? I bought a ford swing case to use my reward points and the instructions say to use galvanic corrosion protection compound with a spray in liner. I assume because you have to remove the liner material and will likely get down to bare metal in the threads...
  12. 2020 FX4, max tire size.

    Sorry for jumping right to a new thread. I looked through a bunch of the tire size fitment thread, but didn't find definitive answer: I have 18" wheels with stock 265/60R18 tires. What's the largest tires I can use...
  13. Tell me about other PHEV or EV vehicles.

    The wife is a Volvo lover, but they are not cheap. Starting at 70k for the nicer ones? She wants something to seat 5 people and some cargo, but not a trunk. Electric or PHEV. Nice, no entry level. Leather, full tech, etc. Go!
  14. 2020 Lariat. White fogs, really?

    I have a 2020 lariat and started playing with forscan, bambi mode and cornering lights, etc. Are the fogs really white? Seems odd.
  15. Hi, I'm Tom, and I'm a RangerHolic

    OK. I've reached my limit. I've bought about $1500 in extras for the ranger, and I want more. But, I also know I'm probably going to update to a 6G PHEV, assuming they offer it. Please talk me off the ledge. Here's what I've bought, not including minor things. But, do I need something else...
  16. 69 days, still no tags. What next?

    I bought the ranger on Saturday, March 27. As of today I still have not received the tags. I called the dealer after a month to ask what was up and they hadn't processed the paperwork. I had to get emissions tested, which I did that day, provided all the info they asked and said I'd received...
  17. Gator SFX soft fold top with swing toolbox?

    Do the swing boxes interfer with the Gator fold top secure bracket? The securing latch is spring loaded and hang down about 5 inches.
  18. Australian members, do you have ideas for gate seals?

    There seems to be a lack of quality tailgate seals, and I'm curious if Australian folks have a better tailgate seal solution than we have here in North America? @Trigganometry found the one linked below, but it doesn't appear to be for the 5G ranger.
  19. When did Ford start using metric?

    I installed a Bestop Trekstep today, and in the instructions in the required tools it listed metric. I was ready to bitch about a product for American cars using metric, because that's what Americans do. Well, when I started in I found all the truck bolts I needed to remove were metric. I was...
  20. CHMSL (3rd brake light) Strobe module

    I have a thread to collect information, but since I can't edit the topic name I will make a new thread in DIY. Original thread I have LED lights so couldn't just add a strobing LED bulb. I used this...