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  1. should I use my parking brake?

    Save your money and get a set of these for when you park on an incline if it worries you. Remember to always turn your wheels the correct way when parking on an incline and you don't have to worry in most cases anyway.
  2. Auto start/stop feature elimination for free?

    Needing to hit the button every time is as annoying as the folks that keep saying just hit the button. I've got other buttons and levers to hit like the radio , AC , Cruise control , gear selection etc. Getting in your truck to drive shouldn't have to be like starting up a 757.
  3. My headlights suck

    Years ago (before drop in LEDs could make one a selfish prick) I was riding with a friend in his lifted F-150 when a car flashed him. Before he could flash back the car behind the flasher lit up his blue lights and pulled him over. LOL
  4. Booty Fab Ram Air

    I like the redneck engineering look of where you put it but I was thinking here would look factory,lol
  5. Booty Fab Ram Air

    Same concept although it was for automotive use. I remember looking thru the aisles of the auto parts store and couldn't find anything so the guy let me look through his catalogs until I found something that would work. Oh the rough days before the internet ,lol.
  6. Booty Fab Ram Air

    My car in high school (77-80) was this '72 Stang with a built 351C . I put a Mach1 hood on it and made my own functional RamAir . In this pic it had a taller air filter so it was more air induction but normally the air cleaner was sealed tight and friends thought it was a hoot to put their...
  7. Nearly flawless Ranger

    You're not nitpicking the truck enough. Have you smelled of your oil lately or measured how high the sides of the bed are ?
  8. Gov’t mandated kill switch coming in ‘26

    Have you priced Vodka lately ? It's too expensive for me to be an alcoholic !
  9. Builtright interior molle panel

    On a side note , those little CREE LED flashlights you have on the rear panel are great . For long term you have to make sure the AA batteries are kept separate or they will corrode the inside. A lot of people don't know they are made to use the 3.7V cells and can also use AA at a reduced...
  10. Tailgate ramps

    All good points . Also I will add to always have the straps pulling toward the front of the truck. If the rear straps are pulling to the side or rearward when a front strap fails it can be a bad day.
  11. Am I missing it, or is there no cabin temp reading?

    They would be recalled due to causing too many accidents. I know I'd want to see them deploy at some point :)
  12. Truck name decal

    Orange Juice Orange Metallic :)
  13. Window Vent Shades

    Never heard that before. We tinted windows and used in-channel visors for years with no issues.
  14. Window Vent Shades

    Extra big ones ,LMAO . My '90 Ranger has you beat :)
  15. Payload?? How much can I dump in the bed?

    Just don't be this guy ,lol.
  16. PYT backed into my Ranger at the Farmer's Market

    Me too , but I'm creepy .
  17. Ford cannot get a replacement axle for me; going on 3 months...

    Well in their defense they are both spinny things that turn the wheels and make the truck go go . Easy mistake :)
  18. Tailgate ramps

    Kid was seriously trying to keep that thing on top of his dad but dad prevailed ,lol.
  19. MAP on strike and two others;

    Same assembly plant as the Bronco so you're probably not that far enough off to be funny :)