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  1. Why do people like hitting Rangers?

    Had summer Friday today. Ran down the street to Lowes to get a couple tools. On the way back stopping for a red light a box truck didn't see the light quick enough and back ended me.
  2. Eibach Pro Truck vs Fox 2.0 on road quality question

    I currently have Eibach ProTruck shocks front (with Ford stock springs set at 3/4" lift)and rear. I've had them for 10,000+ miles with the rears for over 20,000 miles They improved the overall ride from the FX4 wallow. The issue I have is the small bump compliance and I deal with this a lot in...
  3. Leaf spring center bolts

    What size (diameter) are the leaf spring center bolts for the Ranger?
  4. Does your Ranger have vibration at take off, what did you do?

    I have had my Ranger a day short of two weeks. I have about 450 miles on it. I really like it except the driveline vibration at take off, and stop and go at low speeds. Is this common? What did you do to fix it? Did you just live with it? Did you have the TSB 20-2277 done on it? I have...