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  1. Annoying, annoying, annoying, RATS!!

    Hey, I posted this in the California section because I don't need or want a wrong (coast /environment) solution. Rats chewed on my new foam engine cover! I am not sure I would have seen it except I had painted it. I went the the web first, and was disappointed in 90% of the articles, 90%...
  2. Heated seats

    Finally had a chance to test my heated seats in my Ranger for the first time on this chili November morning in San Diego California. They work nice. My Altima also had heated steering wheel. Anybody have any ideas why Ford cheap out on the lariat?
  3. Ford Ranger Hood QuickLIFT PLUS Install Video

    All my trucks have had hook springs. Gas Shocks/struts are lighter and better. Quick Video on the install last weekend. Easy, and very effective.
  4. Auto Wipers, Ohhhhhhh

    Owner for 6 months, summer in So Cal, no rain. This morning heavy beach mist, and for the first time, automatic wipers!!! Then it hit me, OH, they are NOT for the driver, but for the CAMERA! That is why the camera is offset to the right, to get better wiper coverage.
  5. Standard Duration, Built by Tags on?

    What is the standard time you all are leaving the front Windscreen tags on? I would like to show respect for our wonderful North American workers.
  6. 2022 Ford Lariat Club Cab — Rear Seat “Half Delete”

    As an engineer, who is cursed to always be looking to improve things, I implement this seat delete “box” in place of the rear seat cushion behind the driver. My occupants are my wife, and potentially the 4-year-old grandson, the two-year-old is in a car seat for years more. As you can see...
  7. Baby is at home.

    Had to leave my 4 week old baby home alone this week. In Branson MO. Soooo, rented a Ford Escape, and two items. It has a USB C and a USB B charger in the center console, and it’ “rental car” Sync/Car Play does the same thing my Range does. When using goggle maps, it does not show a blue line...
  8. 2022 Ranger Center Storage Divider

    The Range Center Console is nice, but deep, and therefore you end up pulling things out to find the heavy items at the bottom. I decided that I had the time and tools to make a divider that will keep the critical items that I need to get to locked in place, and accessible. I printed this in...
  9. New Owner!

    Picked this Lariat up Saturday. I went old school chrome (polished) aluminum and red (tomato). One simple question. Should I have a bracket here? Is it stock? I assume it was taken off to do the factory spray in liner, and forgot to reinstall. I found this thread just to see pictures of...