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  1. Well I finally got to see one today!!

    I'm mostly with you Chris. I don't like the front end of the 6G. I much prefer the front of the 5G. The exception being the 6G Raptor. I love that look :) Since I've replaced my shocks, the ride and level of the 6G doesn't matter either. I have the ride and rake I want in my 5G now. I also...
  2. Move gear to neutral w/o engine power.

    Tekton. I have three different size torque wrenches from them. All are great. The Subaru dealer over-torqued or cross-threaded a drain pan bolt a few years ago on one of my wife's Crosstreks. They replaced the drain pan. I don't think it was very costly on their end, and the oil change only...
  3. Another Climate Control Question/Problem

    Unfortunately, you are in the build range for SSM 49264 to apply to your truck :( I would have the dealer take a look.
  4. HVAC 'clicking' normal or not?

    I haven't been able to confirm anyone with a '21 or later Ranger has had the entire heater box HVAC unit replaced. Some have reported HVAC temp issues, but haven't been clear on the actual repair done. In my case, I'm 90% thinking it is just the actuator. Like P-38Ranger above, mine moves the...
  5. Keys Don't Proximity Unlock?

    Even on 2023 F-150 XLTs, push button start isn't standard (it is an option though, unlike the XLT Rangers). Kind of ridiculous.
  6. HVAC 'clicking' normal or not?

    I investigated mine in more detail. It is the same as yours. My passenger actuator is just noisy when it gets to the end of its adjustment. I can hear the actuator motor moving the blend door. When it stops, there is a light click. The actuator motor is moving and the heat/cool mix is working...
  7. Yet another climate/heater issue

    Thanks for the reply. I think I am on the same page as you. My 2021 should have the newer heater box, I don't think the blend door is binding. I think it is just the crap actuators. I removed the glove box and the clicking is dead on where the passenger actuator is (see pic - note the three...
  8. Yet another climate/heater issue

    Interesting as you have a 2023 Ranger. Did your entire dash have to be removed, or were they able to repair this more easily? What was your symptom? My 2021 Ranger is starting to click on the passenger HVAC side, though the HVAC still works fine. I haven't found many on this forum with these...
  9. Those with blend door/bad heater assembly issues, what year is your Ranger?

    I seem to have the clicking on the passenger side, but no failure (yet?). See my thread here. My truck is a 2021, built in December 2020.
  10. HVAC 'clicking' normal or not?

    Thanks. I have an extended warranty, so not worried about the cost. More worried about colateral damage if the dealer rips the entire dash out. Not much I can do at the moment until/if it fails.
  11. HVAC 'clicking' normal or not?

    Was your truck part of the TSB? (mine should not be). Did the dealer have to remove the entire dash to fix it?
  12. HVAC 'clicking' normal or not?

    Recently I noticed a clicking type of sound coming from the HVAC center stack that I am paranoid could be similar to this TSB thread. Although my truck has a December 2020 build date, which is should have the improved heater box assembly. When the truck is cold (just started up) and the HVAC...
  13. Recirc Annoyance

    Does the Sync S/W affect HVAC control? I wonder if something change with a Sync release?
  14. Recirc Annoyance

    Is A/C on? I've also noticed if A/C is on, the recirc will not turn off. If A/C is off, recric will turn off in 5-15 minutes (can't exactly recall the time).
  15. common problems to look out for?

    Can you elaborate or point me to a thread on this HVAC click? I recently noticed a click behind my HVAC/stereo (lower, like behind the 12V plugs) when the truck is first on, for the first couple minutes, then it goes away. It seems to happen when the automatic climate is adjusting the heat/cool...
  16. Uneven tire wear

    I can't see any difference in your pictures? Can you take pictures looking straight at the tire? My truck had even tire wear for 30k from the factory. I had poor alignment after the Fox 2.0 coilover install last August, which was corrected 3k later by a local tire shop. In those 3k, my front...
  17. Redarc Tow Pro Elite Install

    Go to the Ranger forum for your region and try to find someone with a trailer nearby. Go to their home, plug in and check that all is ok?
  18. Engine Cover Kit Discontinued??

    The Ford cover is made of a foam type material. That one above is plastic. If you are looking for sound deadening, the Ford one will do better.
  19. Engine Cover Kit Discontinued??

    Probably, but that cover does not allow access to the oil dipstick and filler opening. Maybe that cover snaps off easy to allow access though?
  20. Catalytic converter failed at 45k miles

    My mother's 2022 Edge needed a new catalytic converter within the first 10-15k miles or so. Dealer replaced it under warranty.